Investigating the Effect of Rebound Therapy Practical Program on the Explosive Power of Bottom Extremity in Hearing-Impaired Students

Author Name(s): Marzieh Ghavaminejad, Gholam Ali Ghasemi
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Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of rebound therapy practical program on explosive power of bottom extremity in hearing-impaired students.

Methods: 32 hearing-impaired female students voluntarily participated in this study and they were randomly divided into two experimental and control groups. Explosive power of bottom extremityin pre-test and post-test was measured using Sargent Jump Test. Experimental group performed rebound practical program for 8 weeks and 3 sessions per week for 30 to 45 minutes. SPSS version 18 software was used for statistical analysis.

Results: The mean and standard deviation of age (16.22 ± 1.641year), weight (52.88± 10.070 Kg) and height (158.09 ± 7.239cm) of subjects were measured. The mean of Sargent jump test record in pre-test were 2517.28 and 3474.65 in the two groups and these values got to 2167.8 and 2910.08 in post-test. The findings suggested positive effect of rebound therapy practical program on explosive power of bottom organ (p= 0.839) in the hearing-impaired students.

Conclusion: According to the obtained results, rebound therapy practical program is effective in rehabilitation of hearing-impaired students and this method can be used in physical rehabilitation in hearing-impaired children and teenagers.


Rebound Therapy Practical Program, Explosive Power, Bottom Extremity, Hearing-Impaired


Often, the problems of hearing-impaired people are only concerned in terms of communication. However, the communication problem is the main defect caused by hearing-impairment may be this is associated with other physical problems. In this regard, balance deficit with damage to sensory integration and motor development is often seen in hearing- impaired people (1).According to general systems theory, sensory system including vestibular of the inner ear, vision, and sense of somatosensory plays an important role in physical stability and balance. Damage to parts of the vestibular-cochlear nerve not only impairs the sensory-neural hearing, but also, it may cause damage to the vestibular branches of the nerve and lead to problems with balance and this is the reason that40 percent of deaf people face the balance problems (2).


According to the results of this study, rebound therapy practical programs increase the explosive power of lower extremityas well as aerobic capacity in hearing-impaired students. Accordingly, for all sports that require a high vertical jump, it is necessary to perform trampolines exercises in their fitness programs.

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