Review of the Effective Factors on the Psychological Empowerment of Employees of Maroon and Karoon Oil and Gas Operating Companies

Author Name(s): Siamak Narimisa, Qanbar Amirnejad*
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Nowadays, one of the most important challenges faced by managers in the organization is not using intellectual resources, mental power and potential capacities of the human resources sufficiently. It is seen that in most organizations, capabilities of the employees are not used optimally and managers are not able get use of their potential capacities. The present research aims to recognize the factors affecting the psychological empowerment of the employees of Maroon and Karoon oil and gas operating companies. This study is an applied one in terms of purpose and as for data collection method, this is a descriptive survey. In this research, in order to gather information regarding the theoretical principles of the research and research literature, library studies and university magazines have been used and also, a field method has been used in order to collect statistical information with the purpose of testing the research hypotheses as well as a search in the statistical population. The statistical population of this research is comprised of all of the employees of Maroon and Karoon oil and gas operating companies. The members of the population were selected using Krejcie and Morgan table and cluster random sampling method. In total, a number of 252 employees were selected as the ultimate sample. In terms of data analysis, the tools used here have been SPSS and Smart PLS software. The results obtained from the fitting indexes of the conceptual model are indicative of the proper fitting of the research model. Inferential statistic and descriptive statistic methods have been used for data analysis. Besides, the result obtained from testing the hypotheses using structural equations method is an indication of the positive and significant effect of the organizational factors, job designing, rewarding system and style of leadership on the psychological empowerment of the human resources. Accordingly, the research hypotheses are confirmed. Also, according to the findings, job designing has had the highest impact on the psychological empowerment of the human resources in comparison with the other three factors


Organizational Factors, Job designing, Rewarding System, Style of Leadership, Psychological Empowerment


Having empowered human resources is the most important competitive advantage that the organizations can have in today’s ever changing world. Thus, the organizations today want to use employees who are able to make effective decisions, innovation and creativity in the area of their activities as well as doing their job; those who are able to supervise their own work carefully and take responsibility and can be held accountable when it comes to their job in the organization. Given the especial place oil industry has in the world, it is very important to conduct researches on its various processes in order to improve the organizational performance. Doing studies on it must be a priority since it is one of the most important sources of energy of the country and it is what builds a foundation for economic incomes. Therefore, it is a necessity to showcase the importance of the studies done on empowerment in this industry as much as possible when it comes to using human resources development and promotion methods in the oil industry and also efficiency of the empowerment concepts with the purpose of developing and improving human capitals. That is why this study aims to investigate the factors affecting the creation of the sense of psychological empowerment of the employees of Maroon and Karoon oil and gas operating companies. Therefore, this study seeks to extract and then prioritize these factors as a proper model to be used for the purpose of using and improving the human resources in the research population.

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