Solutions to Business Process Reengineering in Order to Improve Organizational Performance in Biotechnology Incubator

Author Name(s): Hamidreza Alizadeh Tabar, Seyed Ali Akbar Ahmadi, Seyed Safa Ali Fatemi
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This study aims to provide a platform to improve organizational performance and develop an appropriate model for other similar and colleague organizations via evaluating and presenting solutions to business process reengineering in the biotechnology incubator. To do so, based on the conceptual model, the status of organizational performance in the bio incubator was evaluated primarily in the form of a questionnaire with 46 questions and consequently the business processes in the bio incubator were reengineered through Hammer-Champy methodology. Finally, the organizational performance in the bio incubator was reevaluated using the exact same questionnaire after presenting the recommended and implemented solutions and performing the business process reengineering. The results demonstrated that the presented solutions to business process and criteria reengineering in the bio incubator have positively and significantly affected the four parameters of reengineering, including speed, quality, cost, and service improvements, and led to the advancement of organizational performance.


The world is in a permanent transformation to an extent which makes its destiny unpredictable. The organizations, nowadays, are also required to go with the flow of these transformations having no choice rather than following or even outstripping this changes.

In order to achieve an excellent and top position, leaving the former traditional structures, a vicissitudes way must be wended by current organizations. A variety of management approaches and theories have been suggested and created to prevent the organizations wane, each with their distinctive and different effects amongst which the business process reengineering (BPR) has occupied a special place among professional organizations and managers and become more comprehensive than other management theories.

On the other hand the growth and development of technology through supporting the knowledge based companies and in turn all-round development of the country are accounted as current important issues which are mentioned everywhere in upstream and macro documents of the country especially the second chapter of the fifth development plan. The present study will at first review the definitions and history of reengineering briefly and based on the results of two questionnaires before and after the reengineering, statistically analyse the recommended solutions for BPR next via presenting hypothesis and conceptual model of research. Finally, the results will be discussed and the recommendations and solutions will be overviewed.


According to the definition, especially based on Hammer and Champy’s opinion, reengineering is explained as the fundamental rethinking and redesigning the processes in order to achieve remarkable improvements in important parameters such as costs, quality, speed, and services. Thus, the effect of reengineering on these four factors as well as evaluation parameters of the incubator was analyzed in this study and the effectiveness of reengineering on the improvement of the mentioned factors and, in turn, organizational performance promotion of the biotechnology incubator was confirmed through statistical tests.

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