Identification of determinant factors on corporate entrepreneurship and its role in implantation of entrepreneurship strategy (Case Study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company)

Author Name(s): Ayub Ghaseminejad and *Mahmoud Nematian
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The present research aims to identify determinant factors on corporate entrepreneurship and its role in implantation of entrepreneurship strategy (case study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company). This study is a descriptive-survey and cross-sectional in terms of timeline. The study subjects include 7592 staffs working at Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company employees of which using Cochran formula 365 staffs were selected. Research instrument is a standard questionnaire. To measure questionnaire validity and reliability, content analysis and Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (0.83) were used respectively. Data analysis was performed in PLS and SPSS software and the same time, path coefficient, coefficient of determination, structural reliability coefficient (CR), f2 Cohen coefficient and t test was used to data analysis. The results showed that locus of control, risk taking, need to success, tolerance of ambiguity, and delegation of authority, flexibility, appropriate reward systems, organizational culture, organizational learning and management support have significant impact on implementing entrepreneurship strategies in Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company.


corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship strategy, entrepreneurship personal factors, corporate features.


Given that at present much knowledge based organizations compete intensively, to reflect on how such organizations work is of great importance. Corporate entrepreneurship was led to a very simple issue. Adopting that and by encouraging staff and persuading them for corporate entrepreneurship in order to increase their productivity in absence of cumbersome laws and implement their plans (Duncan, et al., 1994). Paving the grounds for entrepreneurship institutionalization in organizations and, accordingly, corporate entrepreneurship through organizational factors helps maintaining the flexibility to respond to drastic changes and accelerated environmental and ability to have a good idea in any situation,. In fact researchers seek

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