Rights of Ownership of Minors from the Position of the Russian Law

Abstract The paper outlines some theoretical and methodological issues of researching the rights of ownership of minors: legislative regulation of the norms of civil and family law of Russia, the practice of their application; the unsolved problem of guaranteeing the rights of ownership of minors and their implementation. In particular, in relation to the child’s […]

Productivity of Early Maturing Varieties of Potatoes, With the Application of Designated Doses of Fertilizers, Within the Conditions of the Forest-Steppe of the Middle Volga Region

Abstract The studies were carried out with the purpose to determine the effectiveness of applying the designated doses of fertilizers for the formation of planned yields of potato tubers of the early-ripening varieties Molly and Colette, within the conditions of the forest steppe of the Middle Volga region. The influence of mineral nutrient status,designed for […]

Problems of Judicial Control of Legal Implementation in Public Administration

Abstract Constitutional proclamation of Russia as a legal state with elements of civil society imposes on state institutions the obligation to observe the constitutional principles of legality in the activities of state bodies. Judicial power is called upon to protect these principles. The relevance of the topic of this study is conditioned by the reform […]

Pricing Agreement and its Importance for the Tax Control of Transactions between Related Parties

Abstract Due to the variety of approaches to determining correspondence of book prices to market prices, the system of tax control of transactions between interdependent persons creates inconvenience for both organizations and tax authorities: it is necessary to look for comparable prices, and to prove the possibility of using a particular method of pricing. For […]

Pre-Election Discourse as a Special Type of Institutional Discourse

Abstract The modern unstable geopolitical situation in the world draws the attention of researchers from various scientific fields to a comprehensive study of political communication issues. The importance of the political sphere of human communication and life necessitates the study of the linguistic features of political discourse at the present stage of its development. The […]

Possibility of Situational Methodology

Abstract The article is devoted to understanding the boundaries and possibilities of applying situational methodology in the scientific studies of various orientations. The methodological principles used in this study are based on a dialectical methodology of the formation and development of a new, existentialist situation concept, presented in the studies and contextual analysis of K. […]

Improving Professional Speech Culture of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature

Abstract The article proposed is devoted to the study of typical mistakes in speech of the students-philologists passing the pedagogical practice in the Russian language and the development of practical recommendations on forming the professional speech culture of future teachers-philologists in the context of recommendations of the teacher’s professional standard and on the basis of […]

Diagnostics and Treatment of Varicose Veins of Lower Extremities in Children and Adolescents

Abstract Experience of diagnostics and treatment of varicose vein disease in 242 children and adolescents is presented in the article. The aim of the work is to study the experience of use of endovascular and laser technologies in treatment of varicose veins in children and adolescents. CEAP classification was used in diagnostics. Authors applied open […]

Multimodal Art Therapy for Overcoming Negative Emotional States among Adolescents

Abstract Psychological and pedagogical support for schoolchildren during the adolescent age crisis is acute socialproblem today. Over the past 2016, the number of attempts of adolescent suicide has increased 1.5 times. The number of teenagers, which have computer and game addiction, is constantly growing, the number of schoolchildren, demonstrating aggressive antisocial behavior, remains at a […]