Fast normalized covariance based similarity measure for fractal video compression with Quadtree partitioning

Abstract Fast normalized covariance based similarity measure for fractal video compression with quadtree partitioning is proposed in this paper. To increase the speed of fractal encoding, a simplified expression of covariance between range and overlapped domain blocks within a search window is implemented in frequency domain. All the covariance coefficients are normalized by using standard […]

Probabilistic Nonlocal Means Image De-noising in Tele-radiology

Abstract Tele-radiology   is   one   among   the   digital medical diagnosis systems, where the transmission and maintenance of diagnosed Medical reports like X-Ray, C.T Scan and MRI, are accessed through internet. While transmitting such medical reports in the channel it may be affected by Noise at different sources. Restoring the original image from noisy image is a […]

Design Analysis of SRAM cell with improved Noise Margin based on Aspect Ratio Adjustments

Abstract Due to increasing demand for faster memory devices, SRAM has gained importance for research focus. SRAM cells have various applications like SRAM based LUT in FPGA, DSP applications, electronic subsystems of telecommunications etc. As the technology scales down the threshold voltage is lowered, leading to less margin to noise and disturbs the SRAM cell […]

Super Resolution of satellite images using wavelet based edge extraction through sparse representation

Abstract In this research paper a super-resolution (SR) image is generated from low resolution satellite image. By using high frequency (HF) as intermediate stage, sharper image can be generated. Interpolation is performed between satellite portrait and HF sub bands through the discrete wavelet transform which preserves edge. Sparse signal is obtained by applying sparse mixing […]

Enhancement of Antenna Parameters of a Rectangular MSA with Optimized Inset Fed Using HFSS

Abstract Microstrip Antenna (MSA) plays a very important role in wireless communication systems (such as Mobile & Satellite Communications, Military applications, WLAN and Internet of Things (IoT)). The MSA has a compactable nature in design of antennas in wireless systems such as miniaturized size, easy to fabrication,  low weight and low cost.  But it has […]

Strategic Orientations for Systemic Modernization of the Russian Fed-eration’s Social Development

Abstract At the current stage of Russia’s social and economic development the issue of systemic modernization is relevant for several reasons: the collapse of single economy after the Soviet Union disintegration caused the severance of economic relations and entities’ shutdown, commodity dependence of Russian economy in continued capital scarcity inside the country and credit and […]

Spatiotemporal Aspect of the Cluster Systems Evolution

Abstract The article investigates the processes of regional clusters evolution in the space-time continuum. On the basis of spatial-temporal analysis methodology hypothesis of a permanent process of clustering is formulated, which is mediated by the transformation of biological, social, informational, holistic spaces in timeline. Spatial and temporal characteristics of each level create the preconditions to […]

The Potential of Russian Economy and Innovative Ways of its Development

Abstract In the article the authors analyzed the trends of Russia’s integration into the world economy, explored the factors of influence that determine the position of the Russian Federation in the global economy, and considered the features of the development of foreign economic activity of Russia and its regions. Issues concerning regulation of foreign economic […]