Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Author Name(s): Mergu Chandramouly, Dr. A. Raghuram
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This paper presents the Photovoltaic (PV) power generation system for household applications. This proposed system contains solar panels formed by cells. In this system solar cell working principle and its equivalent circuit is presented. Mathematical modeling of PV system is presented and currentvoltage characteristics observed. In this PV model, series and shunt resistance are calculated by efficient iteration method using open circuit voltage. This also provides the theoretical study of PV cell. The proposed system is modeled in MATLAB/ SIMULINK environment. The simulation results show the proposed system is reliable. Keywords: Solar cell, PV System, I-V Characteristics, PV Panel, P-V Characteristics, Modelling of PV system.


In this modern world, one cannot assume life without electric power. World population increasing day to day, and to meet the increased population’s demand, it is difficult to produce power to them from conventional power generation system. In this case Renewable energy plays an important role to meet electrical power demand. PV systems can absorb the solar power. PV system is the most cost effective, environment friendly natural source for many applications. In isolated areas, it is best suitable for power generation method. The renewable power generation units generally have modular in structure, they can be installed directly at load centers. This type of generation reduces the burden and cost of the power system. The pollution generated by the convention system is also reduces by using the Power from PV systems.


In this paper, performance of the Solar panel is simulated and it is found satisfactory. The theoretical explanation of PV panel formation is also presented. Current-Voltage characteristics of the PV panel found satisfactory with the design. The design is based on the mathematical equations with varying irradiation and temperature is presented. For the change of irradiation there is a corresponding change in its output. The PV system is best suitable for small DC power applications. The performance characteristics of PV panel were tested through Matlab/Simulink software.

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