Thermal Studies of Polymeric Foams Used in Engineering

Abstract Polymeric foams, used in the production of aircraft, are consideredin the article. Thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry were used to conduct thermal studies of rigid polyimide foam materials. It was shown, that the process of thermal destruction of these foams hadthree stages of different intensity: the destruction of rigid segment with the formation […]

The Status and Social Role of Girl’s Religious Educational Institutions of The Late XIX – The Beginning of The XX Century (On The Basis of Kazan, The Principal Town of Province)

Abstract The paper examines the status of religious girl’s schools in the Russian Empire in the late XIX – early XX centuries, as well as their social role. In the period under consideration, the beginning of which is connected with the end of the “Great Reforms” era of the 1860s-1870s and the so-called “counter-reforms” of […]

The Extradition Legislation in the Russian Federation and Germany: A Comparative Analysis

Abstract The article focuses on questions of legislative framework of extradition of the figutives. In the Russian Federation the norms concerning extradition are fragmented and often not ordered. So, authors of article have made the assumption that creation of the federal law on an extradition can serve systematization of knowledge of procedure and improve efficiency […]

The Communicative Grammar Phenomenon as the Reflection of the Anthropocentric Worldview of the Contemporary Humanitarian Discourse

Abstract The article highlights the actual theoretical and methodological issues of communicative grammar from the point of view of the “new” communicative trend in teaching Russian as a foreign language considering the anthropocentric worldview of the contemporary humanitarian discourse. The relevance of the stated problem is caused by the absence in the modern methodological and […]

Self-Regulatory Organizations in Russia and European Countries: Current State and Prospects of Development

Abstract This paper presents the legal nature of self-regulation, the legal status and functions of self-regulating organizations, notes the advantages of self-regulation before state regulation and control. The problems of development of self-regulation, the influence of historical features of the development of countries on the current state of self-regulation are considered. The experience of development […]

Problems of Social-Economic and Demographic Development of Agricultural Population (Based on the Data of the Republic of Tatarstan)

Abstract This study is aimed at identifying contemporary problems of socio-economic and demographic development of the rural population in one of the regions of Russia. The high economic potential of rural areas of the Republic of Tatarstan is revealed in the work. The rural population in Tatarstan is decreasing quite rapidly, and the potential of […]