A Secure Framework for Authentication of Documents in Cloud

Author Name(s): Mr.Srikanth Ganta, Dr Jayaram Pradhan, Dr Narasimham Challa
Author Email: srikanth@mvgrce.edu.in


Web has become a prominent storage option of late. But there are certain setbacks in the present web which has a shortfall of appropriate mechanism to create and store artifacts — code, data sets text, image-in digital form which are needed to be unchangeable in any way and be verifiable and permanent. These issues hamper the reliability on the cloud for its functional productivity especially in the domain of science where the re-productivity of outcome process is highly vital. In order to overcome the setbacks, it is proposed a methodology with the stored data processing of encoding and decoding at cloud environment taking the support of cryptographic hash values. In this paper it is presented that how the model work out in verifying the digital artifacts with the help of the format of independent serialization for structured files like nano-publications. It is explained how the documents can be processed using cloud computing environment where the application is integrated with Hadoop installed on Amazon EC2 web service. The approach presented in this work confines to fundamental salient features in the aspect of architecture which is open and decentralized besides completely compatible with prevailing protocols and standards. On its evaluation of approach for its referential implementation exhibits the accomplishment of the design goals indeed stands good practically for the files even larger in size.


Hadoop, Map Reduce, Big data, cloud computing


With the digitalization, the universe is going at a scorching pace, many domains from small scale organizations to large scale oranizations are experiencing the impact of reassemble change in the amount of data that has been stored, processed and reported .All professionals are confronted with novel challenges and unexpected opportunities even as they come to grips with the changing dynamics of the digital era. Every year , empirical evidence indicates that users are spending more time online, perusing different digital artifacts.


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