Non-Invasive Measurement of Various Health Parameter through IOT

Abstract Healthcare industry has constantly been on the forefront within the adoption and utilization of data and communication technologies for the economic aid healthcare administration and treatment. Development of Internet of Things (loT) have spread out new avenues for analysis and exploration within the all fields together with medical and health care trade. Hospitals have […]

Anomaly Topic and Emerging Topics Discovery Using Social Media

Abstract Anomaly detection is an approach to detect anomalies from high dimensional discrete data. Several approaches for anomaly detection have been proposed which is only capable of detecting individual anomaly. It is very time consuming and infeasible task. With proposed ATD approach group anomalies are detected. Some techniques used all features for anomaly detection which […]

Survey on Web Application Vulnerability

Abstract Web applications have turned into a fundamental piece of our day to day life. Since web applications contain important sensitive data, programmers attempt to discover vulnerabilities and endeavor them to imitate the client, take data, or damage the application. Web Security is a difficult issue and it can’t be ignored. Over the most recent […]

Recent Trends in Text to Speech Synthesis of Indian Languages

Abstract A Text To Speech (TTS) synthesizer is a computer application capable of converting arbitrary input text into speech. This conversion broadly involves two steps, namely, text processing and speech synthesis. Text processing converts the entered text to a sequence of synthesis units, while speech synthesis is the generation of an acoustic wave form corresponding […]

Implementation of IMHT LEACH Protocol for WSN

Abstract Wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of sensor nodes, which is divided into multiple levels for efficient communication. In WSN there are lots of protocols developed with different goals, but LEACH (Low Energy Clustering Hierarchy) is considered one of the most important among all other protocols. Lots of protocols are proposed as successors of LEACH […]

Secured Anomalous Detection for Personal Healthcare System

Abstract Advances and developments in medical systems have prompted a heightening in Implantable and Wearable Medical Devices(IWMD’s).IWMD’s normally incorporate remote correspondence interface through which they can be associated with Body Area Network(BAN). However, the programmability and remote availability of medicinal gadgets open up open doors for malicious attackers otherwise called anomalies. Therefore, there is a […]

Energy Efficient WSN Using Green Task Based Sensing Scheme

Abstract Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely used to monitor environmental conditions for different purposes with in different locations. However, due to the limited duration of the sensor’s energy source, many attempts are made to design energy Efficient WSN. Therefore many outcomes have been presented in literature, such as the adaptation of power, scheduling, sleep […]

Automatic Grain Size Detection and Classification of Metals

Abstract Metallography is the study of the microstructure of metallic alloys. The integrity of metals in vital in the case of any manufacturing industry as the durability is dependent on quality of metal. Microscopic analysis is essential part of modern manufacturing process. Micro-structural Inclusions measurement is routinely required process for maintaining quality. The most important […]