Design and Analysis of RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch and Impact of Geometric Trade-offs on RF Performance

Abstract The electromagnetic and the electromechanical characteristics of the radio frequency micro-electro-mechanicalsystem (RF MEMS) switches for high-frequency applications are the critical performance metrics that need to optimize. Performance indices of the RF MEMS switches such as isolation, insertion loss, pull-in voltage, holddown voltage, reliability are dependent on types and properties of conducting and insulating materials […]

A Hybrid Framework for Segmentation of MR Medical Images Using Adjusted Ant Colony Optimization

Abstract In this paper a new framework is suggested for segmentation of medical images (MRI) using hybrid optimization technique. This frame work includes de-nosing as image enhancement technique using discrete wavelet transform and initial segmentation is obtained by Hidden Markov random field model along with Kmeans clustering to get Maximum a posterior values (thresholds). The […]

A Framework for Brain Tumor Classification and Grade Detection from Magnetic Resonance Image

Abstract Brain tumor is a serious disease and numbers of affected people are drastically increasing day by day and researchers are focused on detection and classification of such types of severe diseases so that appropriate diagnosis can be provided to patient. In medical science, manually detection of brain tumor using medical resonance image by radiologist […]

Adaptive White-fi Spectrum Channel Deployment Intended to Configurable Femtocell Network

Abstract In this paper an adaptive white-fi spectrum deployment of a Femtocell as small scale private network for home and office is intended. Its design is underlay to utilized white-spaces available from empty or partial empty channels typically received RSSI > -70dB above strength of the white-fi spectrums. Core key is to establish service in […]

CCIRGTN-Coexistence Channel Interference Reduction Using Game Assumptions in Television White Space Network

Abstract In the last decade, wireless communication growth has been created not only because of exclusive openings, but also it formed big challenges to the market. So as to meet the increasing demand at no too much cost or power utilization, one possible solution for the providers is to obtain more channels for wireless transmissions. […]

Regulations and Standards for TV White Space

Abstract Digital dividend has created much of free spectrum in TV bands from 470- 790 MHz This free spectrum is called TV white Space and it can be used to solve spectrum scarcity problem. The frequency spectrum is allocated to licensed users by the government authorities of that particular country. International Telecommunication Union-Radio communications have […]