Image Processing Based Toll Automation Technique Using ANPR

Author Name(s): Dr. P. B. Mane, Gayatri Bade, Varsha Patil
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For heavy traffic highway roads, particularly in India delay at the toll booths is common scenario. There is a need of an intelligent system that will recognize the vehicle number plate which reduces the amount of time and efforts. Proposed system of toll automation technique using ANPR is designed to ensure a steady flow of traffic. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) algorithm based system proposes a methodology in which every vehicle owner will yearly deposit the toll tax in government account if these vehicles are passing through the toll gates equipped with digital camera capturing image of vehicle number plate. Captured images then get processed with Proposed ANPR algorithm. The ANPR algorithm works on steps like extraction of numbers preprocessing via filtering, segmentation and character recognition. Central database is used to store the user’s vehicle information. If user is registered account holder, then toll gate will opened and vehicle is passed from toll plaza. The user will be informed about the toll deduction and his account status through the SMS. The performance of algorithm is checked on real images with parameters like success rate, illumination conditions, and tilted position of number plates. Further this system can be utilized for investigation of stolen vehicles.


ANPR is an image processing based automatic number plate recognition system used to identify vehicles by only their license numbers on plate. It is automatic toll collection system and free from human interference. The ANPR system consists of the following three steps: Extraction of plate region, character segmentation, and character recognition. ANPR system is used for automatic toll collection at toll booth, automatic ticketing of vehicles at parking area, border control, detection of stolen car, access control in building area, intelligent traffic system and effective control purpose. The main aim of the system is to replace the manual systems with an automated system with proper identification and localization of the number plate information [8].


This ANPR system is best method for toll fee collection which can save time and human efforts. It gives accurate result as compare to RFID tag method of toll collection. Our ANPR system works for a specific plate formats such as white background and black font on it which is standard format for number plate. The system used GSM for sending the customer’s details on mobile and amount deduction is done if customer is authorized person otherwise toll gate will not be open and next verification will be start. Hence the system is able to save time. Finally advantage is that stolen vehicle or unauthorized person is unable to cross the toll gate.

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