Survey on Web Application Vulnerability

Author Name(s): Shradha S. Patni, Madhav V. Vaidya
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Web applications have turned into a fundamental piece of our day to day life. Since web applications contain important sensitive data, programmers attempt to discover vulnerabilities and endeavor them to imitate the client, take data, or damage the application. Web Security is a difficult issue and it can’t be ignored. Over the most recent couple of years, the world has seen a phenomenal time of technological development. Unfortunately, alongside the technological development, the attacks have additionally expanded. This paper represents in detail the most overall and unsafe web application vulnerable attacks.


Web Applications have turned into an essential piece of the web and regularly contains sensitive information that must be ensured and anchored legitimately. With a specific end goal to anchor a web application, there are three parts that should be anchored: Integrity of data, Confidentiality of data, and Availability of web application. Web applications utilize a mix of server-side contents (PHP and ASP) to deal with the capacity and recovery of the data, and customer side contents (JavaScript and HTML) to show data to clients. This enables clients to collaborate with the organization utilizing on the web applications, content administration frameworks. Also, the applications enable representatives to make records, share data, team up on activities, and work on normal reports paying little respect to area or gadget. This paper will study the various assaults that exchange off these regions and how the powerlessness of the web application is manhandled. In any case, the consideration will be on the most recognizable web application vulnerabilities: SQL Injection, Broken Authentication and Session Management, Sensitive data Exposure, XML External Entity, Security Misconfiguration, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).


Web applications turned into a well-known stage that individuals utilize every day for shopping, mingling, and managing an account. In any case, it pulls in programmers too, since taking delicate information can be utilized for money related increases. The web application developers must know about the diverse web application assaults with the end goal to pursue appropriate coding practices. This paper summarized different analysis approaches that distinguish vulnerabilities in the coding phase. The main aim of these methodologies is to recognize the shortcomings in source code before their Exploitation in actual condition. This paper gave a survey of ongoing examination subtle elements in the region of web application security and different states for security.

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