Basic Logic Gate Detector Using Atmega328P and Android App

Author Name(s): Yash Patil, Sumedh Naik,Rashmi Phadnis, Vijaya Kamble
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GATEway is a device which helps in detecting a basic logic gate, the result of which is displayed on a mobile application available for android devices. Apart from just detecting the basic gate IC, the mobile application will also have a link to a more elaborate description of that IC, which would help the user to gain extra knowledge.


It has become very important to provide a hands-on learning experience to school and college students to actually understand and learn what is taught, especially in those subjects having hardware involved. Knowledge about hardware cannot only be learned through books. It needs a hands-on approach with heavy emphasis on familiarity of the student with handling the hardware components. At the same time, your practical skills need a strong understanding of the theoretical knowledge of the component. Keeping in mind that both practical and theoretical knowledge are a must and each one has to supplement the other, the need of a device such as GATEway was felt. For students venturing into the world of hardware and digital circuits, having a working knowledge of basic gates is a must. While working with gates, it is essential that you identify the correct gate and have the datasheet for the same. GATEway provides a way to identify the gate without even having to look up the IC number. It also pulls up the datasheet and provides tutorials on the working of the gate on your Android app.


The app will display the gate detected once the gate in question is plugged in. The app will also provide a link to the datasheet of the gate detected.
The basic prototype designed includes the ability to detect the basic gate as well as provide supplementary documents such as the datasheet for the gate and tutorials. To develop the product further, we plan to include a solver that will output the solutions to boolean equations that will be fed in as input. The companion app will also display tutorials for solving of boolean equations for the user to develop their understanding further.

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