Management of Regional Social and Economic Conflicts Under the Conditions of The Russian Crisis 2014-2017: Case of The Republic of Tatarstan

Abstract This paper analyzes various regional conflicts in the conditions of the current Russian social and economic crisis. These conflicts are universal, and arise even in dynamically developing territories and in donor regions. As an example, the case of the Republic of Tatarstan is used. The paper deals with the four-link typology of modern, mainly […]

Public Support for Small and Medium-Sized Business in the Regions of the Russian Federation

Abstract The article considers the measures of State support of small and medium entrepreneurship (SME) in particular regions of the Russian Federation. For reference we selected the Republic of Tatarstan, Amur oblast, Kamchatka Krai. Examination of these regions make it possible to compare the development of small and middle-sized business entities in different geographic regions […]

International Legal Regulation of Russian-Iranian Cooperation in Energetics and Caspian Sea Delimitation

Abstract The article is devoted to the history of contractual relations’ development between Russia and Iran, dated back to XVI century. Particular meaning is given to the period stipulated by concluding of delimitation contracts between Russia and Iran concerning Caspian Sea, beginning on XIX century. It is important to note the capitulation contracts, marking Russian- […]

Innovative Activity as a Factor of Anti-Crisis Development in the Conditions of State Support (On The Example of Naberezhnye Chelny)

Abstract This paper deals with the features of innovative development within the framework of anti-crisis management. The problem of managing organizations in crisis conditions is most relevant today, while effective anti-crisis management should bring the organization to a new level of development. Innovations are relevant with timely anti-crisis management, a shortage of resources allows using […]

Structural-Group Composition of Heavy Oil Conversion Products Using FTIR Spectroscopy

Abstract The decrease of oil production with its simultaneous price increase and a growing demand for petroleum products leads to the importance increase of heavy hydrocarbon raw materials. The processing of heavy petroleum raw materials in water vapor using oxide type catalysts containing the metals of variable valence is a promising trend, but there are […]

Analysis of Existing Approaches to Management of Industrial Enterprises

Abstract The management system of an industrial enterprise is the most important factor for its competitiveness. The main characteristics of the management system are the speed of making reasoned management decisions, the ability to identify the dynamics of market needs and to modify the internal environment for the purpose of producing products with the necessary […]

Analysis of Production Methodologies for Process-Based Management

Abstract There exist two methodologies for process-based management the subject of study of which are production processes: Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Lean Manufacturing is one of the most widely spread methodologies of process-based management, which methods and practices determine in many respects the competitiveness of the world’s leading companies. Lean Manufacturing methodology orients the […]

Social-and-Ecological Metabolism of the Russian Megalopolis under the Influence of Sports Megaevents

Abstract The article provide insights on the complex empirical research of the social-and-ecological metabolism of based on the Russian large city, the city of Kazan, with emphasis on mutual changes of natural, social and technical environments under the influence of sports megaevents (Universiade – 2013, World Aquatics Championship – 2015). The findings empathize the importance […]

Development of Integrative Skills in Higher-Education Students

Abstract This study deals with the development of critical thinking in higher‑education students and identifies the integrative skills that a graduate student will need in their future professional activity. Also, the article exposes the features of teamwork in the development of critical thinking in students. We suggest a model of development of critical thinking in […]

Neogothic Space Interpretation

Abstract The article considers the specific features of Gothic motifs interpretation in different countries and in different historical periods: Gothic motifs in baroque Italy and the Czech Republic, Germany and England of the 19th century and in more thoroughly in Russia. Medieval motifs coexist harmoniously with the elements of different styles in small forms. The […]