Features of Management of Innovative Activity of Small Enterprises

Abstract This paper deals with the features of innovation planning in small enterprises. In view of the lack of innovative analysis techniques adapted to the conditions and peculiarities of small enterprises, small enterprises neglect to consider innovation activity. Therefore, the paper outlines the basic principles of innovative analysis, including private principles for planning innovation in […]

Implementation of International Legal Norms by the Russian Federation in the Field of Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment from Pollution

Abstract Historically, the Russian Federation is the leading sea power that is defined by its territorial and geophysical features, existence of exits to three oceans uniting 14 seas, the greatest opening of the Russian seafarers and travelers, and, certainly, an essential contribution to studying of the World Ocean at the present stage. Activity of the […]

Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections in the Tuberculosis Health Center

Abstract Prevention of healthcare-associated infections associated (HAI) is an important part of the activities of a medical organization (MO), focused on the quality and safety of medical services. Epidemiological safety of the profile infectious MO requires strict adherence to the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime. An example of such a MO is the State Budgetary Institution […]

The International Law of the World Ocean Protection from Oil Pollution

Abstract The  role  of  the  World  Ocean  in  the  global  life-support system can’t be overestimated. Covering 2/3 of the surface of our planet, it is the largest supplier of  Earth’s  oxygen  and  the  carbon  dioxide  sink.  It participates in climate formation, accumulating heat in summer  and  giving  up  it  in  winter; it  ensures a continuous […]

Wagnerian Myth Through The Mirror of Satirical Iconography

Abstract A personal satirical iconography is a valuable source of information about composers. Developing under the influence of many factors – public opinion, private and professional reputation, friendly or hostile relations with critics and artists – it complements pure facts of musician biographies and analytical materials with an emotionally colored perception. The article examines the […]

The Effect of Antiepileptic Therapy on the Development of Cognitive Functions in Children with Epilepsy: Introduction To The Problem

Abstract Epilepsy is a chronic disease, and the control of seizures requires a long-term – and sometimes lifelong – treatment with antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). The most important goal of epilepsy pharmacotherapy is the maximum effectiveness of AEDs, which is determined by the ability to completely stop epileptic seizures with a minimum of side effects. The […]

The Analysis of Russian Population Incomes for 2012-2015

Abstract Population incomes and their structural indicators are one of the most important criteria of the state welfare. Dynamic changes analysis of the population incomes clearly demonstrates how efficiently the economy functions. The ignorance of certain trends emergence in the economy is meaningless, because they define the direction of the state’s economic policy.In the study, […]