Selective Light and Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes in Case of Infection of Wheat Sprouts with Fusarium Oxysporum

Abstract The effect of blue and red light on the growth and activity of antioxidant enzymes in winter wheat sprouts, in case of infection with Fusarium oxysporum was investigated. It was shown, that blue and red spectral regions could regulate the activity of antioxidant enzymes in nine-day wheat germs, both in normal state and when […]

Russian and International Experience of Private Partner’s Civil Guarantees in Public-Private Partnership

Abstract Public-private partnership is a new form of interaction between the subjects of civil turnover, the state and business to achieve joint goals of strategic importance for the economy. The paper is devoted to the legal experience of including in the public-private partnership (hereinafter – PPP) of civil-law guarantees of the private partner rights. The […]

Research of Organizational and Personal Factors of Professional Burnout of Personnel in a Consulting Organization

Abstract Professional burnout is a process of gradual loss of emotional, cognitive and physical energy accompanied by symptoms of emotional and mental exhaustion and physical fatigue, personal standoffishness and a decrease in satisfaction level with the performance of work. There are three main groups of factors among the factors of professional burnout: personal, role and […]

Role of Advertisement in Formation of Values of Youth

Abstract Evaluation of the existing sociological, philosophical and socio-psychological concepts for studying values and value orientations allows us to identify many approaches to the interpretation of these concepts. Despite the specific features of each study conducted in modern conditions, values are regarded as one of the most important components of not only individual, but also […]

Professional Training of the Tatar Composers in the 1930s of the ХХ Century

Abstract The problems of training composers of the national republics of the USSR came to the fore in the 1920s and 1930s of the XX century, when the accelerated formation of national professional cultures began. Professional training of national composers in the 1930s was largely undertaken by the capital higher educational institutions, in particular by […]

Resources and Risks of Discussion as an Interactive Method of Organizing the Educational Process

Abstract The article analyzes the discussion in the organization of “interactive education” as the process management of mastering knowledge through the organization of human interactions and relationships. In this case, learning is a social, collective, rather than an individual process. The discussion, representing a purposeful and orderly exchange of ideas, judgments, opinions in a group, […]

Regulation of Tax Debt

Abstract The article is devoted to the adjustment of the legal base for collection of tax debts; as well as approaches to identifying uncollectible tax debts. The historical aspects of the legal framework formation for the settlement of uncollectible debts in Russia are determined. The structure of taxation is analyzed. The possibilities of taxpayers’ abuse […]

Rights of Ownership of Minors from the Position of the Russian Law

Abstract The paper outlines some theoretical and methodological issues of researching the rights of ownership of minors: legislative regulation of the norms of civil and family law of Russia, the practice of their application; the unsolved problem of guaranteeing the rights of ownership of minors and their implementation. In particular, in relation to the child’s […]

Productivity of Early Maturing Varieties of Potatoes, With the Application of Designated Doses of Fertilizers, Within the Conditions of the Forest-Steppe of the Middle Volga Region

Abstract The studies were carried out with the purpose to determine the effectiveness of applying the designated doses of fertilizers for the formation of planned yields of potato tubers of the early-ripening varieties Molly and Colette, within the conditions of the forest steppe of the Middle Volga region. The influence of mineral nutrient status,designed for […]