Transformational Technique of Interactive Systems Development

Abstract In recent years there  has  been  a  great  deal  of   interest  in  developing  the  interactive   systems.  A wide variety of class of  pгоb1ems  requiring  an  interactive wау of  solution  and  new  facilities  represented   by  computers  project  development  of the new  interactive systems.   In  order  to  increase  the  efficiency  of a development  process  and  to  […]

Construction of Integration Vectors for Secreted Expression of Bacterial Phytase in Yarrowia Lipolytica

Abstract Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica is a handy tool for efficient production of heterologous proteins. In this work we report the construction of integration vectors for secretion of bacterial phytase by these yeasts. Pantoea sp. 3.5.1 histidine acid phytase encoding gene sequence was codon-optimized and chemically synthetized. Optimized and native phytase gene sequences were cloned into […]

Use of Mortgage-Investment Analysis to Study the Behavior of the Population in the Residential Real Estate Market in the City of Kazan

Abstract The study considers the issues of making a decision on investing in residential real estate. The investment efficiency was assessed using and without using borrowed funds at different rates of rent growth. In the course of the mortgage market research, the preponderance of the offer of loans with an annuity repayment method was found. […]

Thermal Studies of Polymeric Foams Used in Engineering

Abstract Polymeric foams, used in the production of aircraft, are consideredin the article. Thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry were used to conduct thermal studies of rigid polyimide foam materials. It was shown, that the process of thermal destruction of these foams hadthree stages of different intensity: the destruction of rigid segment with the formation […]