The Rights and Duties of Foreign Person in an Arbitration Procedure in the Russian Federation

Abstract This paper considers the rights and obligations of foreign persons in arbitration courts of the Russian Federation. General scientific and special methods of cognition of legal reality were used. The paper addresses these aspects in relation to business entities that are parties to arbitration procedural relations. It also reveals the notions of legal standing […]

The Personal Protection from Racial Discrimination in the Conditions of Fight against Terrorism

Abstract In the context of the globalization of the economy and the integration of interstate relations, as well as the short-sighted policies of the leaders of some countries, there has appeared a serious danger of terrorist acts of various groups that have arisen on religious grounds. In such circumstances, the likelihood of racial discrimination is […]

The Experience of Students Using Mooc’s: Motivation, Attitude, Efficiency

Abstract The results of studying the features of students’ learning activity, by means of electronic educational resources are presented in the article. 778 students of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University took part in the research. This sample included students from all institutions and fields of education. The sample of the study was divided into two […]

The Development of Corporations and Corporate Law in the World and Russia throughout History

Abstract The modern world is characterized by the fact that the turnover and investment activity of business entities increase in order to meet the needs of the growing population of the world. The role of international civil society institutions and international organizations become more and more important in solving global problems so as environmental degradation, […]

The Conscience of the Jury as a Basis for Delivering a Fair Verdict in Accordance with the Judicial Reform of 1864 in Russia (Historico-Juridical Research)

Abstract This article proves that the basis of a fair verdict in a jury trial is the jury’s conscience. The jury trial is the best guarantee of the rights and freedoms of a person suspect or accused, the best form of judicial process and trial. This court is the best guarantee of equality and justice. […]

Motivation of Voluntary Activity and Personal World Assumptions of the Youth

Abstract The paper presents results of research of volunteer activity motivation for young people in interrelation with world assumptions of a person. As a hypothesis of the study, it was suggested that the motivation for volunteer activity in the adolescence period is grounded on certain world assumptions and personal values. The study used the following […]