A Novel Approach of Association Rule Hiding Using DBCT (Distortion, Blocking and Cryptographic Technique)

Abstract Associative rule hiding is a technique used in hiding sensitive data, during data processing to secure the sensitive association rules generated using association rule mining. Several methods were planned within the literature for hiding sensitive data items. Few apply distributed databases across various sites, few indulged data perturbation, and few utilized clustering and few […]

Prediction of Neurological Disorders among Children Using Machine Learning Techniques

Abstract Diagnosis of neurological problems in children at the earliest helps the medical associates to improve the children’s health conditions. Hence, there is an important need to diagnose neurological disorders that occur which may lead to critical problems if care is not taken in advance. Machine learning Techniques helps for analyzing medical data and the […]

User Data Control Protocol for Cloud Security

Abstract Fast progression storage advancements, information transformed into prerequisite to standard artefact of a man which needs brisk and ensures isolation during access. Cloud limit therefore created as a appropriate response for area some limitations of getting to and dealing with data at whatever point, wherever what’s more, somewhat, in any sum. Particular approaches to […]

Ensuring Competitive Advantages of the Industrial Enterprises and Entrepreneurship in a Digital Economy

Abstract The main characteristics of the new production paradigm, aspiring by the global leadership to change radically the role of the industrial sector, acquire, on the one hand, the obvious features of the service, providing individual consumption, and on the other – the horizontal infrastructure, based on principal socio-economic processes within the digital economy. The […]

Organizational, Ecological and Economic Aspects of Regional Hunting Tourism Development in Russian Federation

Abstract With the transition to market relations, hunting tourism became an independent direction of work for hunting organizations of Russian Federation, and for most farms it became almost the only source of livelihood. The development of hunting tourism in the face of fierce competition is associated with the need to address legal, social, organizational, economic […]

An Optimal Bio Inspired Genetic Algorithm for Load Balancing for Cloud Data Centre

Abstract Demand for the high performance computing for industry, education and research is continuously motivating the application development industry to manoeuvre the existing and the upcoming applications towards the cloud. The deployment or the migration of the new or existing application on cloud data centres demands greater skills for development and maintenance of the applications. […]