A Hybrid Approach for Enhancing Security in IOT using RSA Algorithm

Author Name(s): M Krishna Sai, N. Sivaramakrishna, P V N S Ravi Teja, Kolla Bhanu Prakash
Author Email: ksai444444@gmail.com


The internet of things is a system that related between digital machine, computer devices, mechanical machines objects and people and they are provided with unique identifiers and they are capable of transferring data from one network to other network with out human interaction. The internet of things is applied for many purposes in day to day life in medical and health care, transportation, building and home automation and the industrial applications such as manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure application, metropolitan scale deployments, energy management, environmental monitoring etc. As we can see that the communication between us in current generation is mainly involved in communication through a network. So, taking the privacy and security as a criteria we need to provide a secure algorithm to protect the communication over the internet from the cryptanalyst. One of security algorithm to encrypt the data is RSA algorithm. In this paper, an overview of the hybrid RSA algorithm is explained.


The term cryptography means to provide a confidentiality to a message or data that is send over a network. Cryptography is derived from Greek which stands for secret writing. The main objective of the cryptography is to provide the confidentiality. . The two important words used in cryptography are encryption and decryption. Encryption means to encrypt a secret message using a key. Decryption means to decrypt the encrypted secret message to get the original message. There are two kinds of cryptographic measures to gain these objectives: Symmetric Cryptography and Asymmetric Cryptography. There are many algorithms to provide the security like AES, DES, RSA, Railfence, DSA, Elgamal. AES, DES, Railfence comes under symmetric cryptography and RSA, DSA, Elgamal comes under Asymmetric cryptography. The main objective of these algorithms is to provide a secure way of communication over a network. For an asymmetric cryptography there is a key distribution happens between the users on the both ends. Key distribution means the transfer of keys between the end users.


In this Paper, We proposed a hybrid encryption approach by integrating our own module to the defined RSA algorithm. This will improve the security of the in various real time applications like Bank accounts, Social media, Secure texting In an android mobiles etc.,. Not only will these it enhance the security of any application that works with the sharing of a key. We have taken two factor authentications into our criteria to improve the security of the RSA algorithm. I can say that it improves security but, if we need security it takes some time to process. So, we can surely say that we improved the security of the RSA algorithm. Comparing with the normal RSA algorithm this hybrid algorithm will enhance more security. It takes bit time more than the normal RSA algorithm because we have added two modules to it to increase the security. So, by integrating this approach to the RSA algorithm the security, confidentiality is improved.

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