Prevention of Data Content Leakage

Abstract The leaks of sensitive data have a major threat to the security of an organization. The statistical details show that the inappropriate encryption on data and transmission caused by individual mistakes is the major reason of data diminution. Hence there is a requirement of functions to recognize the content in database and communication. Although, […]

Social Behaviour Inspired Optimization Algorithm: An Approach for Solving Complex Optimization Problems

Abstract Inspired from the human behavior an advanced Social Behavior Inspired Optimization rule is given in this research work. This rule works in two phases inspired from human behavior in phase one candidate solution is improved considering the good behavior and by avoiding the bad behavior and in second phase solution is improved by knowledge […]

Analysis of Mobility Management for Vertical Handover in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Abstract With the expanding domains of the wireless technologies the mobility offered by the system is usually expanding providing users to be able to move between various networks simultaneously. Since the mobility in heterogeneous wireless techniques, vertical handovers are very much more advanced than the conventional horizontal handovers used. Inside IEEE 802. 21 a new […]

High Speed Network Anonymity Protocol Using Compression Based Face Change

Abstract The major objective of any data communication system is to securely transmit their digital data between two or more computers in the network. Delay Tolerant Networks were proposed to enable communication by leveraging the store-carry-and-forward mechanism of message transfer. The proposed approach selects the path according to the feasible number of hops needed to […]

A Review on Time Series Dimensionality Reduction

Abstract Time series is a sequential collection of values with respect to time obtained from various applications. The time series data have basic features like huge data size, high dimensionality with characteristics like trend, cyclical, seasonal, and irregular. The cumulative use of time series data has initiated a great deal of research and development attempts […]

Stacked Two Layer Dualband Antenna for Wireless Applications

Abstract This   paper    proposes    a   Stacked    Two   Layer Rectangular Microstrip Antenna (RMSA) structure for Wireless applications in IEEE 802.11 a/ac/n. The proposed antenna consists of two rectangular patches fabricated on two different layers FR4 substrate, separated by an air gap. An Upper patch acts as radiating antenna which is parasitically coupled with lower patch. The […]