Auto Identification of Drones/UAVs Using Concept of RF Interfacing and Compact Surveillance Radar Mechanism through Neural Networks and Computer Vision

Abstract According to the defense point of view, it is necessary that every single care must be taken in order to secure the country from enemies, whether the mode of attack is air, water or land. In this modern era of technology, drones are being developed as they are promising high tech security from every […]

Decision Making using COPRAS and ELECTRE Technique

Abstract MADM is an approach used to solve issues involving choice among finite variety of alternatives. The decision matrix of MADM techniques involves four key components, namely: attributes, alternatives, weight of each attribute and measure of performance of alternatives. COPRAS and ELECTRE has been widely used in various real world applications. Numerous decision making process […]

Multi-Cloud Based Secured Storage System

Abstract Present days’ cloud computing has become successful computer paradigm because of “pay-as-you-go” model. Various solutions were proposed for handling cloud vulnerabilities and threats but most of which concentrate on single cloud environment which faces many problems like malevolent system administrator, service failure, loss of data integrity and data intrusion problem which can be reduced […]

k-mer Profiling for Bacterial Identification

Abstract In this paper, the bacterial identification is done using k-mer profiling. The idea is to create a kmer histogram using R programming and map the occurrences of kmers occurring in common within the same bacteria genera of different species and their respective strains. 5-mer is used in this study for proving the hypothesis. The […]