Site Progress Monitoring Using Mobile Crowd Sensing

Author Name(s): Anagha Deolikar, Dr. Shubhangi Neware
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Monitoring of construction progress plays a very pivoting role in any infrastructural construction. One of the important issues in any construction activity is to know its progress status. Incorrect understanding of ongoing status can give rise to more added errors and mismanagement in the project. Normally, a project manager needs to move around the site so as to monitor the progress of the work done. In this paper, to avoid this time consuming process and in an effort to monitor the site progress in a Metro Environment, the concept of crowd sensing and image processing are considered as a whole. On the request from admin, the image of the construction site whose progress activity is to be verified is captured by the user, using Mobile Crowd Sensing (MCS). The image and location are sent to the central server. The image processing component attempts to match the captured image with the reference image. The system outputs the current bridge construction progress done. At the end, the accuracy of designed system is calculated and is proved to be factual.


The 5Ms namely- Manpower, Materials, Machinery, Money and Management are said to be the basic building elements in infrastructural construction. Each of these factors would perform their respective functions with forethought. But ensuring the work accomplished yet is another crucial task to be performed by a site manager. A timeous progress monitoring is very vital for the successful completion of any construction project. It enables a project manager to produce an action plan and accordingly make the resources available for the leftover construction activities. At a recent time, for an automated progress monitoring, mobile crowd sensing and image processing have been examined. Mobile Crowd Sensing is beneficial in recording, retrieval and transmittal of wireless data, whereas Image Processing is able to inspect the site images to elicit the progress information [1]. Conventional practice of supervision with omnipresence still is foremost dominating, the reason being lack of careful, trusty and understandable software and hardware used on the
demanding situations on the sites. Previously, many projects related to infrastructural construction used equipments like digital camera or closed circuit television camera (CCTV) to record the images of construction site [2]. However it is not that easy to set up CCTV camera and also the screens to verify the progress activities. Additionally, constant presence of supervisor at various sites is required. In this paper, an effort is presented where we can use the crowd sensing and image processing combined together in order to monitor the construction operation in a Metro Environment.


There exists various traditional site progress monitoring systems where the project manager has to walk around the site to check the progress activity or different photogrammetric methods are used on site. For an effective monitoring of a construction site, the proposed system is a promising and unique one. The system sums up a real time monitoring system where an image of a construction site from a location was sent to the server and an image processing module was competently able to match the captured image with the reference one. The obtained outcome in a percentage value happened to be more useful to interpret the current progress done at the construction site. We have made a very pertinent utilization of mobile crowd-sensing and image processing. This concept can certainly be used in monitoring any construction plans or activities to get unfailing results. With the exact information about the progress status, the project-managers can find it trouble-free to make the resources available for upcoming activities for crucial task of successful completion of project. Future scope for this research may include the use of video frames in crowd-sourcing (we have used images). Also, the construction activity may further be divided into several classes so as to make the work go on conveniently.

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