Numerical and Comparative Study on Pavement RCCP with Finite Element Method

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One of the types of materials has been developed for using in pavement of pathway, is roller compacted concrete (RCC). The pavement made of roller concrete can be used for paths with light traffic as well as heavy traffic and the surface of roller concrete in this pavement has characteristic such as more durable, low cost of building and repair and maintenance in surfaces. In this paper, we review the numerical study with finite element method and the impact on two types of pavement namely asphalt and RCC and in this respect, we have been made two models in Ansys software and finally, we will compare the results. This research so far, has been attracted by few people in numerical calculation. In the end, the author, due to the results, has been identified the pavement of roller concrete is more suitable and so, it has been suggested further reviews.


Pavement, Surface of Roller Concrete, Finite Element Method, Asphalt Pavement


Transportation network of each country is considered as the life of that country and the most massive national capital. In order to have a necessary performance, it is necessary for all elements to play their role well. The airports, passengers and freight terminals, ports and roads could have been considered as the basic elements of this network [1, 11].

Unfortunately, in our country, Iran, because of shortage and expensive cement while cheapness and abundance of Bitumen and Gasoline with facility of implement for all years of reconstruction, it has been caused to employ only bitumen in practice, instead of correct and appropriate use of three main elements of pavement. But actually, the pavement without using the concrete and gravel (broken or shaped) is incomplete and inefficient [2, 15]. Now, the result is that, we observe a variety of shortcomings on all roads and urban and suburban passages [13].

One of the types of material has been developed for decades is the roller compacted concrete (RCC) [7]. The pavement made of RCC could be used in paths with heavy and light traffic and the surface of RCC in this pavement has some characteristics such as high durability, low cost to build and low level of repair and maintenance [1]. In this research, it has been examined the characteristics of concrete and the application of it in pavement of paths, has been evaluated. Due to study, it has been considered that the pavement of roller compacted concrete compare with flexible pavements that is common in Iran, has lower cost and one can use the cement materials such as fly ash and micro silica in making roller compacted concrete which has been commonly used in concrete. Also, the breakdowns on the pavement of roller compacted concrete compare with flexible pavement specially, for paths with heavy traffic are very low [6].


Through review of the results. It is observed that the type of pavement has incorporated in rate of sink of pavement under load wheel. So that with 1o cm thickness than asphalt pavement, we observed that approximately decrease of 32% sink in roller compacted concrete mode. Also, with 15cm thickness than asphalt pavement we observed that nearly decrease of 37% sink. And in pavement with 20cm thickness than asphalt pavement we observed the decrease of 35% sink.

Through review of contour of tensions and the movements from the analysis of finite element, the models of roller compacted concrete has been reviewed. According to the results. It is observed that the maximum tension has been created under wheels, contrary to asphalt mode, it is observed that load distribution has been done correctly and it has prevented from stress concentration tension. This is caused to maintain coherent in pavement systems and under frequently loading- unloading has been less damaged.

Due to calculated values for tension from the layer of roller compacted concrete pavement and comparison with modulus of cracked concrete in this study is equal to 2.8 Mpa, it is observed that this system has not been cracked and it has been presented appropriate performance.

According to the results, the author has been identified the roller compacted concrete pavement is more appropriate and has been suggested it for further studies.

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