Production of Biodiesel from Vegetable Oils

Abstract Biodiesel is a biofuel used alternative to conventional diesel fuel majorly used in order to reduce greenhouse gases, non-sulphur emissions and non-particulate matter pollutants. This article reviews the production of biodiesel from various refined vegetable oils like sunflower oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, cotton oil, and mustard oil and protocol standardization for biodiesel production […]


Abstract Cognitive Radio Ad hoc Network (CRAHN) was a versatile, intuitive radio and network technology that can sense the available channels in the wireless spectrum and will adjust the transmission parameters in a way that it can have multiple communications to run in parallel and also will help to improve the behavior of radio spectrum. […]

An Approach to measure the performance metrics of IEEE architectures with and without Relay nodes

Abstract The recent enhancements in signal processing techniques have led to faster and efficient mode of communication. In today’s smart environment, people with smart devices (nodes) can freely organize and configure scenarios to receive and send packets to destination over multiple nodes via intermediate connectives. The paper portrays multiple scenarios with and without relay node […]

Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Abstract This paper presents the Photovoltaic (PV) power generation system for household applications. This proposed system contains solar panels formed by cells. In this system solar cell working principle and its equivalent circuit is presented. Mathematical modeling of PV system is presented and currentvoltage characteristics observed. In this PV model, series and shunt resistance are […]

An Optimization Based Algorithm for Allocation of Distribution Generation and to determine impact of DG Penetration Level in RDS

Abstract With increasing demand on conventional distribution systems, distributed energy sources are placed near the consumer premises to maintain the reliability of supply. DG also includes the benefits of reduced power loss, improved voltage profile and also reduced transmission and distribution costs. Placement of DG sources have some impact on existing distribution system. The impacts […]

Population Algorithms for optimal control of BLDC motor drive

Abstract This paper presents nature-inspired optimization algorithms such as particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and bat algorithm (BA) for tuning PID controller parameters of BLDC motor drive. Both PSO algorithm BA are population based algorithms. Population based algorithms have number of advantages over classical methods for solving complex optimization problems. The position of BLDC rotor […]

Cascade Control of BLDC Motor Drive Using MOMI Tuning Method

Abstract This paper presents a new design concept for cascade control of brushless direct current (BLDC) motor drive. Cascade controllers are designed for definite separation of loops. This separation allows independent design of controllers with minimum interaction among loops. The resultant structure with inner loop and outer loop is a robust structure. Magnitude Optimum Multiple […]