Analysis of Optimization of Quality of Service Parameters in Wireless Sensor Network by Clustering Approach

Abstract Wireless Sensor Network is a very keen area for research. The factors that plays important role in affecting the performance of Wireless Sensor network are the quality of service parameters. The quality of service parameters plays the important role to judge the performance of Wireless Sensor Network. The important Quality of Service parameters are […]

Cross Language Information Retrieval using Selective Documents Technique and Query Expansion

Abstract This paper is devoted to a new method that uses combined technique of pseudo relevance feedback and co-occurring term technique for query expansion to improve cross language information retrieval along with selective document technique to reduce search space. The base is an Information Retrieval (IR) system which uses cosine similarity technique to retrieve and […]

An Approach to Overcome Flaming Problem of Social Networking Sites Using Various Classifiers

Abstract Natural language Processing (NLP) is a field of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics concerned with interaction of humans with machines. Social Networking sites (SNS) is a widely used communication tool today. Sometimes it gives rise to the problem of flaming. A flaming incident is triggered by comments and action made by user in SNS […]

Optimal Routing Path Selection to Improve Data Transmission and Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network

Abstract The self-organizational ability of ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have led them to be the most popular choice. Despite significant advancements in Wireless Sensor Networks, efficient energy consumption in the network remains one of the most important research challenges. Clustering sensor nodes and organizing them hierarchically have proven to be an effective method to […]

FPAA Based Design of Assistive Listening Device for Hearing Disorders People

Abstract An assistive listening device (ALD) beyond hearing aids can assist individuals with hearing loss. The traditional aid is similar to a radio, which can be adjusted for volume. The hearing loss is not just a technical loss of volume. Hearing disorder looses sensitivity and reduces tolerance to certain sounds while diminishing sensitivity to others. […]

A Uniform Query Framework for Heterogenous Data Management Systems

Abstract Most organizations today store their data in a variety of data storage systems such as relational databases, columnar stores, document stores, text search engines, and so forth. The adoption of multiple data storage systems tailored towards specific needs has its own challenges. The developers using these specialized systems have to often integrate several of […]

Performance Improvement of Montgomery Multiplier Architecture Using Pre-Computation and Unfolding Technique

Abstract The Modern era of information and communication technology demands security. It is a prime important parameter along with other features. Data encryption and decryption algorithms such as RSA and ECC are popularly used to get the desired level of security. Modular multiplication is the integral part of these algorithms. Montgomery Multiplication is most efficient […]

Development of Dual-Band Antenna for Wireless Applications

Abstract The multiband antenna technology has significant impact on today’s advance wireless communication networks. The paper presents the design aspects along with analysis of a planar compact dual-band antenna for fulfilling the requirements of wireless applications. The optimized dimension of the designed antenna model is (28 x 36 x 1.6) mm3. The insertion of asymmetric […]