Development of PCR Assay for Identification of Staphylococcus Aureus and their Enterotoxins from Spoiled Food Samples

Abstract Food-borne diseases due to microbial pathogens, have become a major issue of concern as they represent serious threat to the health of millions of people world – wide. Serious outbreaks of food borne disease have been documented on every continent in the past decades, illustrating both the public health and social significance of these […]

Modernization of the Regional Economic Complex as the Strategic Factor of Import Substitution National Policy Implementation

Abstract The article considers the problems of the regional agro-industrial complex modernization as the strategic factor in the implementation of import substitution national policy as one of the priority trends for the restoration and sustainable development of regional economic complexes in the depressed republics of the North Caucasus. And this is not an accident, because […]

Design of Low Power CMOS Latched Comparator for Portable Medical Applications

Abstract In this work a new architectural design of latched comparator that is suitable for implementation in portable health Monitoring applications has been proposed. In the new proposed design of the latched comparator, lower power dissipation is achieved due to the low transistor count of the circuit. Moreover the proposed comparator consists of the positive […]

Psychological Features of Women with Deviating Body Mass Index and Eating Disorders

Abstract They consider psychological features of women with a deviating body mass index and eating disorders: emotional, restrictive and external. They use psychodiagnostic and statistical methods of research. It is shown that the respondents with a deviating body mass index have different types of eating behavior and their mixed variants; their eating behavior is characterized […]

State Power Institutions in the Context of Global Political Antinomy

Abstract In this paper, the key problems on development of state institutions in the context of globalization, as well as the antinomic processes of political standardization and legal unification of state power systems are discussed. The authors examine and substantively analyze various positions and approaches on interpreting the globalization processes, their evaluation and forecasting of […]

The Use of Single Lenses in the Radio Frequency Mass Spectrometers

Abstract The possibility of using a single lens to increase the resolution of the radio-frequency mass spectrometer is shown. The problem is solved by calculating the additional energy of ions when they pass through the electrostatic field of a single lens with rotational symmetry. Keywords Single Lens Selecting Cascade, Radio-Frequency Mass Spectrometer, An Increase of […]