Development of Dual-Band Antenna for Wireless Applications

Author Name(s): Pankaj Patil, Yogita Nafde
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The multiband antenna technology has significant impact on today’s advance wireless communication networks. The paper presents the design aspects along with analysis of a planar compact dual-band antenna for fulfilling the requirements of wireless applications. The optimized dimension of the designed antenna model is (28 x 36 x 1.6) mm3. The insertion of asymmetric L-shaped strips with variation in dimension such as the length, thickness and a space within the strips have considerable effect on the frequency of resonance of the antenna. The optimization of asymmetric strips and slots is done by performing number of iterations. The prototype is fabricated using FR-4 substrate. The measured result shows that the antenna is operating in 3.4-3.60 GHz and 5.2-5.85 GHz. The resultant frequency ranges are suitable for WiMAX (3.5 GHz) and Wi-Fi/WLAN/HiperLAN (5.5 GHz) bands respectively.

Keywords :  Dual-Band Antenna, Printed Monopole, Asymmetrical Structure, WiMAX, WLAN



The present day wireless advanced communication system shows increasing inclination towards antennas with multiband operations. Although the design of single antenna with multiband characteristics is complex to implement, its demand is still increasing rapidly. The printed monopole structure of antenna is a optimum choice due to its characteristics like compact size, simple structure and low profile. There is also possibility of integrating the monopole structure with Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wi-MAX) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) into single system. This is beneficial for mobile devices such as hand-held computers and intelligent phones. This facilitates the user mobility with wireless advance communication system. The major requirement for the same is multiband and wide band operation with simple and compact structure which is easier for fabrication.



A compact planar dual-band antenna for wireless applications is designed and fabricated. The optimum antenna design is showing better match between simulated and measured results. The dual band is obtained with the help of asymmetric structure without the use of fractal or stacked geometry and any kind of switches. The smaller size, omnidirectional radiation patterns with good gain and multiband operation capability of designed antenna makes it an ideal candidate to use it in WiMAX and WiFi/WLAN/HiperLAN application devices

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