Comparative Intercountry Analysis of Tertiarization as a Structural Component of Post-Industrial Development

Abstract The formation of postindustrial society actualizes the knowledge of economic patterns inherent in it, the most important of which is tertiarization. Its content includes both cross-sectoral shifts and qualitative changes in the structure of the tertiary sector. The object of the study is to identify general and specific features in increasing the share of […]

Validity and Reliability of the Persian Version of Conners’ Early Childhood-Teacher/Childcare Provider ADHD Rating Scale

Abstract Objectives: to assess the validity and reliability of the Persian version of Conners’ Early Childhood (EC)Teacher/Childcare Provider ADHD Rating Scale. Methodology: Conners’ EC-Teacher was translated by two native bilingualsfrom English to Persian and then back-translated into English. The Persian version was approvedby specialists in terms of consistency with the original version. A total of […]

Power Aware Multiprocessor System on Chip (MPSOC) Based on Dynamic Frequency Scaling of Soft Core Processors

Abstract Today’s portable Embedded systems need less power consumption to satisfy today’s applications needs, like smart phones, laptops, tablets etc. An option for implementing the power aware multi processor system is to introduce the concept of on demand clock scaling of multi processor system. The proposed work presents an implementation of on demand clock scaling […]

A Multilevel Cache Management Policy for Performance Improvement in Distributed System

Abstract Caching improves the performance of a system by storing most used recently or frequently accessed data in an upper layer of the multilevel cache hierarchy, results in reducing the delay in I/O system. In parallel and distributed systems, blocks are placed in multilevel cache hierarchy for faster execution of the application. There are many […]

SOC-ASIC (State-of-Charge-Application Specific Integrated Circuit), A Battery Voltage Monitoring System for Series-Connected Battery Cells in Electric Vehicle for State-of-Charge Estimation

Abstract Increasing Green House Effect and reducing fuel storage of planet contributed highly due to automobile industry drives an alarming situation for researcher to look for alternative options for future generation vehicle. Tesla, Mahindra-eco and other automobile companies have already come up with concept of e-vehicle whose soul is battery and brain is Battery Management […]

Analysis of White Blood Cell Segmentation Techniques and Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Leukemia Detection

Abstract Leukemia is a blood cancer which results due to inundation of abnormal white blood cells in human. Digital pathology is a dynamic condition that empowers extraction of precise and detailed information of amount and condition of WBCs from patient’s blood smear. Digital pathology methods along with machine learning is gaining importance speedily as a […]

gm Based CMOS LNA Linearization Techniques – A Comparison

Abstract This paper proposes gm based CMOS LNA linearization techniques. A common source Cascode LNA with source degeneration is used as a base circuit operating on 0.8 to 2.5 GHz frequency range using TSMC 180nm technology and 1.8V supply. Linearization techniques i)Harmonic Termination, ii) Derivative Superposition, iii) complementary DS and iv) Post distortion are discussed […]

RF Communication of Vibration Signal for Condition Monitoring

Abstract This paper describes a system for communication of vibration signal using radio frequency. In this work, we are using the fact that vibration analysis provides relevant information about abnormal working condition of machine parts. Vibration measurement is essential for vibration analysis which is used for condition monitoring of machinery. The vibration measurement is done […]

Performance Enhancement of Polycrystalline Silicon Based Solar Cell Using Ba2SiO4: Eu2+, Nd3+ Phosphor

Abstract Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is sustainable, clean and totally inexhaustible. The most commonly used, commercial solar cell which converts sunlight into electricity are fabricated using crystalline silicon with lower conversion efficiency. The main difficulty in improving the efficiency of solar cell is due to spectral mismatch i.e. low energy […]

Self-Responding Train Detection and Wildlife Alert System

Abstract The paper presents the methodology to overcome the problem of wildlife animal’s deaths due to railway accidents. Self responding train detection system has been implemented by using high sensitive vibration sensor mounted on track. Vibration sensor captures the data while train crossing the sensor mounted area of track. Sufficient numbers of sensor are deployed […]