Formalization of Guarantees of Human and Civil Rights and Freedoms in the Constitutions of the Commonwealth of Independent States

Abstract The paper presents the results of a comparative legal study of the constitutional norms of the Commonwealth of independent States member States in order to identify provisions that provide guarantees of human and civil rights and freedoms. The authors identify the universal and special formulations of the sought guarantees and the classification of provisions […]

Experience in Application of Rational-Emotive Therapy in Psychological Assistance to Women with Eating Disorders

Abstract This paper deals with the experience of using rationalemotive therapy in psychological assistance to women with eating disorders. Psychodiagnostic, experimental and statistical methods of research are used. The results of the author’s psychological assistance program “In harmony with oneself” are presented with the use of the rational-emotive therapy methodology. The purpose of the program: […]

Intergenic Interactions and Hyperplastic Diseases of Endo- and Myometrium

Abstract This paper presents the results of bioinformatic analysis of three polymorphic loci in 170 women who suffer from a combination of uterine fibroids with endometrium hyperplastic processes and in 981 women of the control group without proliferative diseases of pelvic organs. It was found that the combinations of molecular genetic markers С rs673220, А […]

Clinical and Genetic Study of Chronic Kidney Disease

Abstract This paper presents the results of the study of the interrelationships of polymorphic loci of chemokines (rs1719153, rs4512021, rs2107538, rs2857657, rs1801157) with features of humoral immunity in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis. It was established that the concentration of immunoglobulins A and G in the group of patients with chronic glomerulonephritis was significantly higher than […]

Restructuring as the Tool of Competitiveness of the Defense and Industrial Complex

Abstract In our country, the intensification of crisis phenomena continues. A significant number of strategic enterprises and organizations of the defense and industry complex, work in crisis conditions and are unprofitable. The main reasons for the loss are high production costs, the technological backwardness of production and the physical depreciation of fixed assets. The article […]

Conceptualization of Notions and Formation of Quality Indicators of Educational Services

Abstract The relevance of the research topic is caused by insufficiently high quality and competitiveness of educational services in the Russian Federation. One of the reasons for this is imperfection of methodological approaches to formation of indicators of qualitative results of providing educational services. Issue statement: the quality of educational services is understood in different […]

Multi Element Microstrip Antenna Arrays Using Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures

Abstract This paper discusses the improvement in the performance of two, four and eight element microstrip antenna array using Electromagnetic Band Gap structures. The antenna arrays are designed at 6 GHz. The dielectric substrate used is FR-4 glass epoxy with dielectric constant of 4.2 and loss tangent of 0.0245. The two element conventional antenna array […]