Phrase Searching for Encrypted Cloud Storage

Abstract The storage and access of confidential documents are known together for the central issues within the space. Whereas several schemes are planned to perform a conjunctive keyword search, less attention has been noted on more specialized looking techniques. There are several issues like as organizations and people adopt cloud technologies, several became aware of […]

A Hashing Based Approach to Detect Object Tampering

Abstract Tampering detection techniques have been continuously studied with advancements in technologies. However, many existing alternatives cannot generate object tampering results, because of the hashes attached to the image shortfall the outline information. Object tampering detection is the process of locating the modifications in the structure of an object. In this paper, we presented a […]

Efficient Techniques to Improve Clustering Accuracy on Web by Using Hybrid Approach

Abstract Clustering in web mining has become a challenging task in the present scenario, which draws the attention of many researchers. Cluster analysis is mainly used to determine the clusters and algorithms for identifying the best cluster. Cluster analysis includes a number of unsupervised order techniques that are planned to discover a framework in datasets […]

Enhanced Privacy Preservation and Data Storage Security in Public Cloud

Abstract Cloud computing is an elegance of computing system where immensely scalable Information Technologyenabled capabilities are conveyed ‘as a service’ using Computer and Internet technologies to numerous outdoor clients. DaaS that provides various research challenges in associations to data storage security and cost related issues from user’s view. The various security concerns are data intrusion, […]

Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation by Analyzing MRI Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Abstract Deep Learning proves to be the best way towards image classification tasks replacing ensembles with handcrafted features. It also has applications in medical imaging such as classification of tumorous and non-tumorous part from rest of the MRI image. Lesions is one such disease occurring in brain due to lack of oxygen during stroke. Automatic […]

What’s Vulnerable in WhatsApp

Abstract The advent of Smartphones and their quick time services have made the urban lifestyle convenient and close-knit. Smartphone users can now reach their closed ones instantaneously via audio-video and messages. The Over-The-Top (OTT) applications have connected the users worldwide and bridged the gaps amidst scattered relations. While OTT applications have turned out to be […]

A Survey on Machine Learning Approach for Stock Market Prediction

Abstract Stock market domain is a promising domain in Machine learning approach. Internet technologies helps to gathered various kinds of structured and unstructured data, such as blogs, message threads, an enormous amount of technical data, company meetings, quarterly results of company etc has been accumulated. Currently, many applications have used data mining techniques or machine […]

Data Migration From SQL to MongoDB

Abstract As the Internet related technologies have emerged, a lot of changes were observed in the data collected, stored and processed by the organizations. The new incoming data was unstructured, available from a number of outside areas and accumulated in large volumes within a small time span. It was realized the traditional system is inefficient […]