Restructuring as the Tool of Competitiveness of the Defense and Industrial Complex

Author Name(s): Anna A. Bakulina, Vladimir I. Avdisky, Vladimir V. Zemskov
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In our country, the intensification of crisis phenomena continues. A significant number of strategic enterprises and organizations of the defense and industry complex, work in crisis conditions and are unprofitable. The main reasons for the loss are high production costs, the technological backwardness of production and the physical depreciation of fixed assets. The article examines the measures of state support aimed at the development of a set of measures to restructure industrial capacities, as well as other measures that contribute to the restoration of production capacities for the production of competitive military products. It was noted that state support made a positive effect on the financial condition of strategic enterprises and the organizations of the defense industry complex from the granting of subsidies to the implementation of the state defense order.


In modern Russia, the restructuring of strategic enterprises and organizations of the defense industry complex (hereinafter – the enterprises of the DIC) is an indispensable element of strategic planning. Restructuring ensures the compliance with the balance of interests of a state on behalf of an authorized federal executive body and DIC enterprises and, as a result, the achievement of sustainable development trajectory in a strategic perspective. The restructuring of domestic industrial enterprises, conducted in the early nineties of the last century, was not successful and effective, which led to the development of a large number of unprofitable enterprises on the verge of bankruptcy. Within the conditions of changing internal and external environment for doing business, DIC enterprises should make timely changes in their economic activities for the organization of competitive production, taking into account modern requirements, i.е. to restructure.


At the present stage of the country development, DIC enterprises have significant resources necessary for a sustainable development of DIC sectors. It is noted that one of the tools of sustainable development is the restructuring of capacities that allow the economy to be transferred for the production of competitive military and civilian products. In these conditions, the digitalization of DIC sectors will ensure the creation of innovative products with a high level of added value.

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