e-PARFIT: An Extended Partition-Based Approach in Automated Fingerprint Identification System for Partial Images

Abstract It is the intention of this work to develop a system which specialized in processing scanned images. This paper focuses on developing an extended partitioning approach for partial fingerprint identification. The procedure has utilized image orientation, enhancement, extended-partitioning, binarization and feature extraction. The major focus of this work is to reduce error rates during […]

Reliability Index for Twitter – Twitter Handles’ Credibility Assessment

Abstract Social networks have attained a vital place in everyone’s lives by emerging as the accustomed means for social interaction among people as well as the primary medium for dissemination of information. Accordingly, these platforms also bear the responsibility of such information being reliable and authentic. In order to endorse such information, the social networks […]

Modality of Particle Swarm Optimization to Improve Decision Making Process of Analytical Hierarchy Processing

Abstract AHP has been widely used in various real world applications. Numerous decision making process involves the use of pair-wise comparison matrix of AHP, and consistency ration is the most key issue related with AHP. In this research work, Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm is employed to reduce the consistency ratio of decision making process Analytical […]

An Approach for Detecting Polarity of Online Product Reviews Based on Opinion Target and Opinion Words from Reviews

Abstract Online shopping is a medium for many consumers to buy goods and services from E-commerce applications. The public is more inclined to online shopping from the last decade. These online shopping portals also provide the customers a way to express their experience with the product by giving reviews. These reviews not only prove a […]

Advance Driver Assistance System for Indian Road and Traffic Scenario

Abstract There are many differences between Indian road and traffic structure compare to foreign road and traffic scenario. Many Driver assistance systems failed in such heavy traffic and congested road structure. The proposed Advanced Driver Assistance System is modified system especially for Indian roads. Road detection is difficult because of poor lane marking and compact […]

Agent Based Multilingual Information Retrieval System: A Design Approach

Abstract As India is a Multilingual Country and on internet multilingual database content increases day by day. Hence multilingual information retrieval is very curious in a country like India. In this paper, a new research design of agent based multilingual information retrieval system is proposed. Agent based architecture is designed for the system architecture development. […]

Effective Cluster Head Election Technique using Multi-Parameter Approach for Wireless Sensor Network

Abstract Due to limited resources in wireless sensor network consumption of energy is a challenging issue. In order to improve the network efficiency, a multi parameter approach for selecting cluster head is proposed. The algorithm uses parameters such as remaining energy, distance to Base Station, intra cluster distance and neighboring nodes to select a Cluster […]

E-MAC: Efficient MAC Protocol for Time-Critical Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are used in numerous ranges of applications to sense the desired data form environment and transmit it to the central coordinator in energy efficient manner in order to increase the network’s lifetime. In addition to energy there are few other factors, such as quality of service (QoS) which are also […]