Performance Analysis of Web Traffic Based on Visitors Behavior

Author Name(s): Azra Shireen, Urmila Shrawankar
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Website plays an important role in digital marketing these days. It can also help you to increase your business’s success. For making money from the website you should learn about the website visitors. The larger the number of visitors to the website is better for your business. So it is really important to learn about the visitors to analyze your website traffic. This paper contains all the details about how to create the websites for the companies and businesses and with the help of Google Analytics tool how to analyze the website visitor’s traffic and their activities. By using this tool the behavior of the website can be analyze and the performance of the website can be tracked.
Different websites are created and two are checked for sample analysis. The major focus is on monitoring the behavior of the visitors like which pages they are visiting the most, at what period the visitors traffic rate is high, the version of operating system uses to visit the sites, whether the device is desktop or mobile phones etc. Online marketing is not too easy for the small businesses and companies if they don’t have any idea about their real-time visitors. This project overcome the difficulties comes in analysis of small business and helps in converting the business in online marketing by introducing their market to the visitors through the websites.


Now-a-days it is very common to perform online marketing rather than physical marketing. Multiple Internet users wants the product to be available online so the time of roaming from place to place will be utilized in others work. Millions of companies have their own websites which becomes the integrated part of the business’s success. Many small business and companies shift from traditional services to the online services to cope up with the modernization and today’s need. Websites are the primary means through which the visitors learns about the companies and interact with them. With the help of web information and data, the web designer and developer take the decision of making the website more user friendly for their online customers. Web analytics plays an important role in collecting data and information about the Websites. Web analytics refers to the combination of measurements, collections, interpretations, analysis and presentation of information about the visitors of the websites with the aim of understanding and optimizing web experience. The main reason for using the web analytics tools is to monitor the behavior of the websites that helps in determining the web visitors and their activities like how many visitors are going through the direct references or through other social media like face book, twitter, Google Search etc. The details about the highest visiting time can help the owner to introduce the new product at that particular time so that most of the visitors learn about that product


This paper contains all the details require to analyze the web visitor behavior by using Google analytics tool. By using this tool the owner gets the details of the visitors that help the owner to make the revenue online. Today’s era is considered as a world of technology and digitalization. For the growth and development of companies and businesses the knowledge about the web analytics is necessary. In the paper, the main objective is to monitoring the behavior of the visitors on the website. By using Google Analytics I conclude that it is an efficient tool for calculating and analyzing the visitors behavior. All the details of the website can be analyzed and the profits can be increased. The analysis defines the new way to develop your business and help in making it user friendly

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