FungREP 1.0: Online web-repository of microsatellite repeats from fungal genomes

Abstract Microsatellites are tandem repetitions of short DNA motifs found in genomes of all organisms. They have been significantly used in DNA fingerprinting, genome mapping, DNA forensics, linkage analysis, genetic disease studies, are known to be involved in gene regulation, bacterial adaptation  genome evolution and are extensively used as genetic markers. Microsatellites have been used […]

Role of Virtual Machine in Bio-Applications and its Significance

Abstract Virtualization is becoming more and more important in the science of living things, enabling group of devices made up of smaller parts and provisioning of complete computer setups, including operating system, data, software, and services packaged as virtual machine images. In virtualization grid point of view, we discussed about relationship among Application Layer, Grid […]

Study of Coprinus cinereus with the aid of Carica papaya (Peel) as a substrate for the production of higher yield Bioethanol by RNA Interference

Abstract Over the last few years, the undesirable impacts of fossil fuel on the environment and resulting global warming, progressive demand for energy, inevitable reduction of the world‘s energy supply, and the unstable oil market (such as the energy crisis of the 1970s) have renewed the interest of society in searching for substitute fuels. Ethanol […]