Epistemological Models in Understanding Cultural and Civilizational Specificity

Abstract The article proposes a methodology for linking the formation-evolutionary, cultural-civilizational, ethnological, and cultural-anthropological models in understanding the changes of complicated sociocultural systems. Ethnic being is the most powerful energy source of individual and collective mythogenesis. In today’s difficult conditions, there is a need to involve cultural and anthropological epistemological models to the socio-humanitarian study, […]

Biological Markers of Pathological Aging in Diseases of Men

Abstract This article searches for biological urogenital tract markers on the urothelium hyperfunction model in systemic atherosclerosis. We revealed the main parameters of pathological aging of urogenital tract. We have obtained the data that the pathological aging of urogenital tract is characterized by a significant increase in the acetylcholine expression from 0.52 to 0.82 cu, […]

Morpho functional Parameters of Blood Lymphocytes, in the Process of Adaptation of Chickens to Lighting Regimes

Abstract The dynamics of morphometric and functional parameters of blood lymphocytes of chickens, in the process of adaptation to lighting regimes, was studied using the atomic force microscopy. It was established, that in the process of adaptation, the initial in duration of cells was replaced by an increase in their volume and surface area, the […]

The Relationship of Molecular-Genetic Markers of Chemokines with Clinical Manifestations of Chronic Kidney Disease

Abstract The article presents the results of studying the relationship of polymorphic variants of chemokine genes (1931A/T CCL4, A/G CXCL11 (rs4512021), -403A/G CCL5, C/G CCL2 (rs2857657), -801G/A CXCL12) with the features of clinical manifestations of chronic glomerulonephritis. It was revealed, that the allele-801 A CXCL12 (OR = 1.85, p = 0.04) was the marker for […]

The Risks of Developing Adverse Outcomes According to Geriatric Status in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease with Plannedaorto-coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

Abstract The article assesses the risks of developing adverse outcomes in patients with coronary heart disease who underwent planned aorto-coronary artery bypass grafting according to geriatric status using such scales as the Cardiovascular Health Study frailty criteria (CHS-NHLBI),the MacArthur Study of Successful Aging, as well as 5 meter gait speed. We determined the cumulative indexof […]

Physicians’ Preferences for Constipation Treatment and Prevention in Pregnant Women: The Comparison within the Russian Federation

Abstract Practical physicians’ preferences in pharmacologic management and prevention of constipation in pregnant women are considered in the article. The obstetrician-gynecologists (OGs) and general practitioners’ (GPs) patient management tactics were analyzed during the research in Belgorod region. The obtained results were compared with the results of the All-Russian Pharmacoepidemiological Study, 2d stage – “The Epidemiology […]

Diagnosing Technique Improvement of Power and Bearing Designs in Vehicle Bodies and Frames

Abstract This research paper presents theoretical and experimental studies aimed at vehicle operation efficiency increase by improving the diagnosis of power and load-bearing structures of car bodies and frames without labor-intensive assembly and dismantling operations. Improved and adapted methods of nondestructive control concerning the technical condition of power and load-bearing structures of vehicle bodies and […]

Formation of Adolescent Social Competence

Abstract The article presents the results of the study aimed at adolescent social competence development. The conduct of this study was conditioned by the fact that the prosperity and the success of a modern man depends on the ability to solve problems, on his awareness of social space issues, the degree of social competence development […]

Experimental Studies of the Turbulent Flow with Imposed Unsteadiness Structure

Abstract The results of experimental studies of developed turbulent flow in a circular tube with superimposed flow pulsations are presented. They performed the measurements of time-averaged static pressure losses, instantaneous velocity values ​​in the cross section of the pipe and pulsation pressure components over a wide frequency range of superimposed airflow pulsations. They determined a […]