High Speed Network Anonymity Protocol Using Compression Based Face Change

Author Name(s): Aparna S. Jaiswal, Rashmi R. Welekar
Author Email: aparna.jaiswal90@gmail.com


The major objective of any data communication system is to securely transmit their digital data between two or more computers in the network. Delay Tolerant Networks were proposed to enable communication by leveraging the store-carry-and-forward mechanism of message transfer. The proposed approach selects the path according to the feasible number of hops needed to reach the corresponding node. The architecture anonymise every node of the network by giving them fake ids which will be their FaceChange_id’s. This FaceChange_id is used for communication in the network which enhances the data forwarding security. The data is compressed so as to increase the speed of the system and reduce delay and throughput rate.


Face Change, Anonymity, Compression, Unicast, Multicast


Network is a continuously self-configuring, infrastructure network of systems connected to each other with wires. A special form of delay tolerant networks (DTNs). Where nodes side by side communicate with each other via FaceChange_id’s generated by hiding their original ID’s, a malicious node in system can easily find attack targets from FaceChange_id and launch attacks to decrease the system performance without any loss of data. Then, for ensuring privacy, attacker’s nodes can also easily find the transmitting path between nodes for attacks. To generalize this process as useful applications in opportunistic social networks to Face Change logically. Face Change can provide Security extended from the Internet gateway into the whole network. Face Change assigning fake id from its original id. We generate a FaceChange_id with gold code random number generator to hide its original id to transmitting and receiving data in network with correct nodes. Compression is process of reducing the data size. We use for reducing the data transmission speed in network, as data compressed it take less time while data transmission. For secure data transmission, though we use AES algorithm which is a stronger and a more secure encryption standard, which is standard and more likely used. We use AES because it also supports zipping that we use in our system for compression.


In this paper, we propose High Speed Network Anonymity Protocol Using Compression Based Face Change, which enables every node to send their confidential information to other nodes without revealing their real ids. The communication takes place with their FaceChange_id’s only. Here only the sender node knows the real id of the receiver node to which the data is to be sent and also only the receiver node knows the real id of the owner of the data. We have compressed the data which increases the data forwarding speed and reduces delay and throughput rate.

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