Prevention of Data Content Leakage

Author Name(s): Meghana N. Jadhav, Prof. Jignyasa Sanghavi
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The leaks of sensitive data have a major threat to the security of an organization. The statistical details show that the inappropriate encryption on data and transmission caused by individual mistakes is the major reason of data diminution. Hence there is a requirement of functions to recognize the content in database and communication. Although, the recognition of, revelation of sensitive details of data is challenging because of the transmission of information into the contents. The transmission consequences are uncertain leak patterns. In this proposed research work, 3DES and MD5 algorithms are combined in order to improve the security of data that is to be transferred to the outside world. This method provides the satisfactory results by preventing leaks of transformed data. In another case of cooperative preservation of privacy, the association copes with few exciting conflicts. For example, when private information go through the testing procedure that creates new details regarding the individuals patterns, sequences, or priorities and precedence’s all these details can be used in recommender systems to guess and influence that future patterns. However, this situation is useful to the individual and the association. Although, when the association allocates the data in the collective project, the aim is to not only protection of individually distinguishable information but also the delicate details shown by few strategic patterns for having the high-level multithread scale-ability.


Information Leak Prevention, Triple DES, Message Digest (MD5), Data Encryption (DE), Privacy, Security.


Data leak is an illegal transference of data from the firm to the outside. An organization requires to blocking the clear text sensitive to shrink the subjection of the sensitive document or information from emerging in the repository. Nowadays as the world is moving towards digitization so it is very important to protect the privateness and transmission of data. There is consistently stress regarding the privacy and the security. The data owner always required to transmit the sensitive information. The privacy-preserving transferring of sensitive data suggests systematic instantiation that works as a privacy protection that preserves from revealing extra information than the needed information. The recognition of disclosure of sensitive information is the difficult task because of the transferred content.

Many times, the data owner do not familiar with the data is being gathered or not aware of the data is already gathered. In some cases, the personal information may be utilized for alternative use largely exceeding the person’s law of security and control. This situation results in privacy infraction that is not controlled not as of data mining, but basically for illegal use of data.

In proposed research work we utilize combination of 3DES and MD5 in order to make transmission of data more secure. We use symmetric key algorithm for encryption to enable the generations of verifiable corporations to ensure the authentic users and the integrity of the transmission of data. With this proposed work, privacy is achieved guaranteed with empirical security and data is protected. Also proposed approach is adequately effective for real-world applications.


With this proposed research work, privacy is achieved guaranteed with empirical security. The data is protected from exposure. The observational outcome proves that this approach is adequately effective for real-world applications. We have used highly-secured protection by using the combination of the algorithms. The evaluation of security and performance prove the proposed systems are provably efficient and highly secure.

Nothing can be ended in a single step. So this project also has some future enhancements in the evergreen and booming IT industry in IT world. Change are inevitable. The project entitled “Prevention of data leakage” was successfully designed and developed. The system and the architecture is a compatible one, so addition of new modules can be done without any difficulty. In future work, data leak prevention can be used with SIEM i.e. Security Information and Event Management for tracking network traffic and logs of devices. A further challenge for future work is to achieve more security by implementing it on big data. We can also develop this system for sharing of other resources like image, video, audio etc.

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