Expansion of a Procedure for Assessment of Comparative Recital of Vary Public Transport System in USA Cities

Abstract The development of methodologies for comparative performance evaluation of public transport system is a research field that continues to grow since the need to improve the performance of public transport system is higher as compared to the previous years. The major reasons for evaluating the comparative performance of public transport system are to control […]

Epidemiological Pattern of Trauma Among the Children in Southwestern Iran from 2012 to 2016

Abstract Introduction: Since trauma is a threatening factor against the human beings, 10000 people are annually killed in the accident. 10 percent of those incidents belong to children. The aim of this study is to examine the epidemiologic trauma pattern among the children ranging in age from1 to 15 years old. Methodology: This study was […]

Knowledge Attitude and Practices Regarding Personal Hygiene among the Male Primary School Children in Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Abstract Background: Lack of knowledge about personal hygiene and poor hygienic practices increases the burden of communicable diseases. Maintaining a good personal hygiene among children helps to improve the quality of life and also longevity. Therefore the objective of the current study is to assess the knowledge attitude and practices of personal hygiene and also […]

A Robust Dual Watermarking Technique for Medical Images in E-Healthcare Records

Abstract  This paper proposes a prudent implementation of robust pipeline in the domain of watermark based secure medical image transmission.  The pipeline comprises of three stages, involving insertion of first watermark in the first stage and the second watermark in the second stage. Insertion of the watermark invokes a multi transform algorithm implemented in two […]

Review on Electrical Motor and Pump Assemblies in Ventricular Assist Devices & Total Artificial Hearts

Abstract Pump and motor assembly plays a vital role in the design of the Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD) & Total Artificial Hearts (TAH). Heart’s pulsatile blood flow was first mimicked by pulsatile flow devices. However, due to the compact sizing of the continuous flow devices, have shown significant decrease in the mortality rate. Pulsatile and […]

Performance Analysis of Channel Capacities in Different Diversity Techniques

Abstract In broadcast communications, a diversity scheme refers to a technique for enhancing the reliability of a message signal by utilizing at least two correspondence channels with various attributes. In this paper we consider all four possible scenarios: Multiple-input and multiple output (MIMO), multiple-input and single-output (MISO), single input and multi-output (SIMO), and single-input and […]

Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Based UPQC in A Distributed Power System for Enhancement of Power Quality

Abstract The power quality problems during distribution of power are mainly occurs due to transient distortions in the line voltage like harmonics, flicker, sags and swells. These power quality issues can cause damage of equipment, losses in power transfer or even can lead system towards instability. To alleviate these complications, ANFIS based UPQC is to […]