Prevention of Health Hazards While Working with Chromium Compounds

Abstract This work presents a food product for the prevention of occupational diseases when working with chromium compounds. Efficiency consists in weakening the processes of allergization and sensitization of the human body when exposed to chromium compounds, as well as reducing occupational allergic diseases such as dermatitis, asthmatic bronchitis and bronchial asthma. It was found […]

Formation of the Knowledge Base on the basis of Modeling the Technological Process with the Use of Fuzzy Logic

Abstract This article is devoted to the formation of a knowledge base of an intellectual add-on for technological process control systems based on modeling using fuzzy logic and a use-case system. The intelligent add-on is a multi-agent system that includes the agents of a different nature. This article focuses on agents working on fuzzy logic. […]

Influence of Aluminum Coating Technology on Industrial Waste Management

Abstract The work is devoted to the urgent issues of processing of sulfur-containing and ash-and-slag waste of industrial enterprises. The process flow scheme for obtaining of protective coatings on cement concrete, by impregnation in sulfur melt with high strength, performance properties, and resistance to aggressive environments, was developed. The technological parameters of the process were […]

Safety of Vehicles Operating on Natural Gas

Abstract Improvement of efficiency and environmental friendliness of transport is one of the main directions of the transition to a low-carbon economy. In turn, the transfer of vehicles to gas engine fuel will reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. “Industry 4.0” involves the rational use of natural and technical resources, the most efficient energy conservation, […]

Physicochemical Basis of Sulfide Technology of Iron Polysilicate

Abstract The physicochemical basis of iron polysilicate sulfide technology is considered. Using a variety of physicochemical studies, the system of “amorphous silicon dioxide – iron chloride” was studied, not only the interaction between the components in this system with the formation of iron polysilicate was proved, but also the activating effect of the modifier on […]

Gambling house Bonuses

Gambling house Bonuses Just about every web based online casino has many different styles of bonus deals that will people that happen to be new and even participants which have been loyal. Most of these additional bonuses are an easy way designed for clients and customers to obtain acquainted with your website and various flash […]