Energy Efficient WSN Using Green Task Based Sensing Scheme

Abstract Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely used to monitor environmental conditions for different purposes with in different locations. However, due to the limited duration of the sensor’s energy source, many attempts are made to design energy Efficient WSN. Therefore many outcomes have been presented in literature, such as the adaptation of power, scheduling, sleep […]

Automatic Grain Size Detection and Classification of Metals

Abstract Metallography is the study of the microstructure of metallic alloys. The integrity of metals in vital in the case of any manufacturing industry as the durability is dependent on quality of metal. Microscopic analysis is essential part of modern manufacturing process. Micro-structural Inclusions measurement is routinely required process for maintaining quality. The most important […]

A Heuristic Algorithm to Find Power Efficient Pre Configured Cycles (PEP-cycles) and Resolve NP Hard Issues

Abstract Now a days ICT has powerful impact on economy and environmental conditions of the country. The principle of green networking gives idea to design a energy aware network. These networks focus on the energy reduction and consumption of unnecessary energy to save the environment. It is predicted that the global IP traffic will be […]

Characteristics of Young People’s Social Activity in Adaptive Situations

Abstract The urgency of the topic is conditioned by the necessity to define which characteristics of young people’s social activity are expressed to a greater and to a lesser extent in adaptive situations. The purpose of the study is to identify characteristics of young people’s social activity in situations of psychological adaptation. The sample consisted […]