Adaptive White-fi Spectrum Channel Deployment Intended to Configurable Femtocell Network

Author Name(s): Nikhil P. Wyawahare, Dr. S.L. Haridas
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In this paper an adaptive white-fi spectrum deployment of a Femtocell as small scale private network for home and office is intended. Its design is underlay to utilized white-spaces available from empty or partial empty channels typically received RSSI > -70dB above strength of the white-fi spectrums. Core key is to establish service in between local to another local user’s which works on the available Wi-Fi network. Here the Role of local user to communicate between all other users, likely the others too. Since the local user is using its mobile or cell phone then the network for the local user is of two type’s primary and secondary, in which he is one the user who comes under license spectrum range and actually he buys the network from the service provider. The point of study is when frequency is getting jammed or out of coverage due to this the local user will unable to communicate in primary network as fact. On contradictory he has another network which can easily serve him. Looking to this a white-fi network which is design for small private network a Femtocell is designed. This network is temporary replacement of the primary one where the local user is comes in set of big primary network and under it can also falls in secondary network. The white-fi network is working on the dynamic frequency scanning, where a base station is small cognitive network to find free channels out of available for to resist the co-channel interference and the overlapping could be minimized. The detection of the signal in all noise channels is done through the passive and active channel scanning, along with the hybrid scanning technique min-max algorithms and feature detection. The identified channel is deployed only for secondary network node where the same user will communicated where primary network is not serving. Since use of available frequency is part of network and from which only 1,6,11 channel are rigorously being utilized due to normal scanning, all other channel mostly channel which are remains empty like 14 no. can be utilized for such a user who can communicate with its same device. The part of implementation of this work is scanning of ISM band spectrum channel 2.4 to 2.484 GHz where FAP (Femtocell access point) is Linux base station where the active scanning uses as OSA and DSA method. Use of MIMO Signalling scheme for DTE section is implemented.


Wireless communication is the relocating or distribution of the information from one point to many points, where connection orientation is wired or wireless. In modern case Wireless technology used everywhere, for short and effective distance communication [1] as well as long distance communication. A most common example of this wireless technology are Mobile communication, wireless router, GPS, Broadcast of television, Cordless telephone, wireless music systems and many more. All these technologies where work on dedicated range of channel specially allocated in their regions only to separate mode of application. As simple facts if all these channels when packed due to heavy data packets, generally then tends to have overlapping as transmitting channel or band is always band limited. Many of such cases are commonly called as “Intersymbol Interference” due to which a co-channel existence. These ISI are never to be removed from the transmission error, are only minimized by applying the correlative encoding and methods where the duplication of the data bits are done on the specific time duration as called Tb. thus for we have treated Intersymbol interference as an undesirable phenomenon that produces a degradation in system performance. Indeed, its very name can also note a nuisance effect.


Following design and implementation is scanning the ISM band spectrum from 2.412 to 2.483 GHz, in which only channel 14 are available to use for to communicate. These channels are mostly channel 1, 6 & 11, act as dominating channels. At the time of communication there always co channels interference may reduce the speed of data rate, hence using a doubling of data it will reduce the cause of error. After that scanning of channels will be have some meaning to use for the data to transmit. Thus the scanning is in mode of Active and Passive in mode, here initial and dynamic scanning is implemented to have the real time scanning of channels from 1 to 14 channels with 20 MHz band gap. In implementation of white space scanner is mostly required fast and dynamic scanning. After these fruitful scanning it’s to be found out which channel is free and which one is busy. The free channel here called as white space so the designed implementation can be access all channel with full strength for communication services aspect. Then this will easy step of deployment of configurable Femtocell network.

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