Production, Purification & Analysis of Enterotoxins from HA-MRSA Isolated from Clinical Samples

Abstract The problem of resistance is increasing for all types of bacterial isolates including Staphylococci. Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has emerged as an important hospital acquired and community acquired pathogen. Multi drug resistance among MRSA is a serious issue limiting the treatment options for the victims. MRSA strains that share the presence of staphylococcus […]

Using a Digital Platform to Model Interaction between Oilfield Service Market Actors

Abstract One factor that determines timeliness of the research topic is that the modern society where knowledge is a priority feels that, nowadays, the use of digital technologies should be a standard practice for interaction between actors of the Russian market for oilfield services. Considering the above, this paper is aimed at working out interaction […]

Model for Monitoring the Professional Activity Efficiency of a Higher Education Teacher

Abstract The paper considers and substantiates the original model for monitoring the professional activity efficiency of a higher education teacher. The author’s interpretation of this type of monitoring, the description of the methodology for conducting the research and the presentation of its results are proposed. The monitoring model was developed on the basis of a […]

Establishment of Maternity and Paternity in Application of Artificial Human Reproduction Methods

Abstract Today, the Family Code of the Russian Federation allows the use of modern reproductive technologies in order to partially solve the infertility problem in Russia. Currently, medicine knows several methods of reproductive activity which are regulated in different ways from the point of view of law. The study of legislation has shown that at […]

Solvability of a Spatial Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem for Elastic Inhomogeneous Isotropic Ellipsoid

Abstract The work is devoted to the proof of the existence theorem and the development of analytical numerical methods for finding solutions of geometrically nonlinear boundary value problems of the three-dimensional elasticity theory. Currently, the solvability of nonlinear spatial boundary-value problems for isotropic homogeneous and piecewisehomogeneous elastic bodies is most fully studied. Therefore, the development […]

Insiders Detection in Computer Systems Based on Datamining Technique

Abstract Insider threats are among the most frequent and dangerous for modern organizations. Therefore, the problem of timely detection of internal information security incidents is relevant. Due to the fact that many of the approaches to protection against insider attacks are not effective enough, recently an approach based on identifying anomalous user behaviour has often […]

Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Rules Generating of the Objects State Determining in Uncertainty

Abstract This article solves the problem of modelling a fuzzy neural network to generate fuzzy rules and to use them for determining the state of objects in conditions of uncertainty. Traditional methods of mathematical statistics do not allow constructing adequate models of objects under the specified conditions. Therefore, at present, the solution of many problems […]