Food Issue and Need for its Normative and Legal Regulation in Russia

Author Name(s): T.M. Yarkova, O.I. Khairullina
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A special attention should be paid to the issues of food security and its normative and legal regulation at the present stage of society development. The article determined the main stages of food security issue development and study in Russia and abroad. They determined the critical periods of the post-Soviet space, characterized by the catastrophic state of food dependence and the decline of the economy agrarian sectors. They performed the analysis of the current normative and legal regulation in Russia and abroad. They attempted to assess the degree of food security issue legal regulation in Russian Federation due to the absence of the federal law which allows to control and ensure food and national security. They gave the recommendations for normative and legal regulation improvement.


Food security is the most important task of national security provision for any state. However, it was not a priority for Russia, in spite of the long period of this problem research. Especially this fact was evident in the post-Soviet space. This period of time turned out to be the most destructive for the food security of the country, since agriculture and the agro-industrial complex were destroyed under the influence of market economy laws. Of course, the laws of market economy are completely subject to effective functioning, but Russia at that time could not afford to exercise a proper state support to the agricultural sector in the form of transfers and subsidies from the federal and regional budgets due to the extremely deficit budget and huge external debts [1]. At the same time, it is known that the agricultural potential of the country ensures its food security.


Based on the above stated research results, it is important to note that it is impossible to consider the legal regulation of food security issues only at the national level. In this regard, the following vision of the regulatory framework is proposed at the international and national levels.



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