Water Level Monitoring App using Arduino and Wireless Network

Author Name(s): Arjun Dalal, Rahul Gupta, Rakshanda Shende
Author Email: dalal_arjun.ghrcemca@raisoni.net


In Today’s Era water dearth become crucial problem in the world. By seeing that problem we are trying to develop an application which helps the mankind to save the water and also to protect the Environment. AN Android and IOT based Water Level Monitoring App. With the help of this App the user will get the current level of water and prevent overflowing of water from the water tank. We can also get the statistics report of the uses of the water. This App contain the Arduino Uno kit, Float Sensors , WI-FI Modem , Microprocessor , LED , 12 Volt Relay and Android Application which is used to display the level of water and statistical data of the water uses. In Android Application Pie chart is used to show the current level of water and Bar Graph is used to show the daily complete uses.


Imagine the situation, when we turn ON the water pump for filling the water tank. But sometimes we forget to turn OFF the water pump due to this the ratio of the water wastage is very high. To overcome from this problem we develop a system that will automatically turn OFF the water pump when it get fully filled and also develop the App to display the current level of water. Today’s Era Technology becomes most important part of the human life. Technology are integrating in almost every field like Entertainment , Medicine, Social interaction , Transportation , Home Appliance and many more. The building of the computer and mobile phones are helps to integrate this technology in daily life. For connecting with this technologies Internet become most common Interface to simplify their life. New Trending technology cloud to store and manage our daily information.
As Smart Phones is now capable to work as a computer and also connect with the Internet for communication with the people and other devices. By seeing these points, we have developed Smart Phone Application to display water level and to store the water uses information. This Application helps you to get the statistical information of daily water uses. Objective The objective of this Application is to avoid the overflow of water in urban areas and by calculating
the statistics of water send this supply to the rural areas


The Internet is capable of changing the human life. IOT has Great Potential to increase communication between smarter object. The purpose of this project is very simple it can use to start and stop water pump automatically using Wifi Connection. Using this statistics we can save the water. This statistics can be used to send water in rural areas. The Android Application can show the current level as well as the statistics of water. This system is very cost effective so it is a better way to monitor the level of water. Further work involve that the statistics can be used for the public welfare office using this statistics they can manage the supply of water in a particular areas. This can save the water which is helpful for the mankind and Environment.

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