An Optimization Based Algorithm for Allocation of Distribution Generation and to determine impact of DG Penetration Level in RDS

Abstract With increasing demand on conventional distribution systems, distributed energy sources are placed near the consumer premises to maintain the reliability of supply. DG also includes the benefits of reduced power loss, improved voltage profile and also reduced transmission and distribution costs. Placement of DG sources have some impact on existing distribution system. The impacts […]

Population Algorithms for optimal control of BLDC motor drive

Abstract This paper presents nature-inspired optimization algorithms such as particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and bat algorithm (BA) for tuning PID controller parameters of BLDC motor drive. Both PSO algorithm BA are population based algorithms. Population based algorithms have number of advantages over classical methods for solving complex optimization problems. The position of BLDC rotor […]

Cascade Control of BLDC Motor Drive Using MOMI Tuning Method

Abstract This paper presents a new design concept for cascade control of brushless direct current (BLDC) motor drive. Cascade controllers are designed for definite separation of loops. This separation allows independent design of controllers with minimum interaction among loops. The resultant structure with inner loop and outer loop is a robust structure. Magnitude Optimum Multiple […]

Carrier Based Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Control Strategy for Three Phase Nine Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter and Hybrid Inverter with Reduced Components 1

Abstract The most widely used pulse width modulation scheme for diode clamped multilevel inverters (DCMLI) is the multicarrier based sinusoidal pulse width modulation. Though this technique is simpler and more flexible for implementation, the maximum peak of the fundamental component in the output voltage is limited to fifty percent of the voltage in the DC […]

Tuning of Microgrid Controllers using Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Abstract Microgrid at islanding mode is operated with renewable energy sources like Solar, Wind and non-renewable energy sources like Diesel generator and Battery which supply load to the system efficiently. With the change in load there is frequency deviation and controllers are required. There is a requirement to tune controllers to have optimal utilization of […]

Design of a miniature Servo Controller for a Flow Control Actuator in Aerospace Application

Abstract This paper deals with the design of a miniature servo controller for a short duty flow control actuator. The servo controller is designed for position control of the flow control actuator (FCA) with high accuracy. The flow control actuator in this application demands quick response, fine precision and compact size. The controller is required […]

Comparison of HOG, MSER, SIFT, FAST, LBP and CANNY Features for Cell Detection in Histopathological Images

Abstract Cell segmentation and counting has a very important role in diagnosing diseases and in the treatment process. But the complexity of the histopathological images and the differences in cell groups make this process very difficult, even for an expert. In order to facilitate this process, analysis of histopathological images is performed by using computer […]

Enhancement of power quality using UPQC for a hybrid SOFC and PMSG based wind energy system connected to weak grid

Abstract As the day-by-day the depletion of the existing conventional electrical energy resources and the incorporation of technological developments in various sectors increasing the gap between the generation and demand. These situations demands to think of the renewable energy resources or the combinations of different energy sources as hybrid energy system. This is one of […]