Combining ability and gene action studies for yield and yield contributing traits in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

Author Name(s): *Adhi Shankar, R.V.S.K. Reddy, M. Sujatha , M. Pratap
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Eight diverse lines of tomato were crossed with three testers in line x tester mating fashion to study combining ability effects and gene action for yield and yield contributing traits. The analysis of variance revealed that the variance due to line x tester effects were highly significant for all the traits under study. The magnitude of sca variance was greater than gca variance suggesting the predominance of non additive gene acton for number of fruits per cluster and yield per plant. Based on gca effects of parents, the line LE-53, LE-64 and the tester Arka Alok were found to be good general combiners for most of the traits. The crosses EC-157568 x Arka Vikas, EC-163611 x Arka Alok, LE- 62 x Arka Alok and LE-64 x Arka Vikas were found to be superior specific combinations on the basis of yield per plant performance.


Combining ability, Gene action, Tomato, Yield


Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) is one of the most important vegetable crops grown throughout the world because of its wider adaptability, high yielding potential and suitability for variety of uses in fresh as well as processed food industries. Combining ability has a prime importance in plant breeding since it provides information for the selection of parents and also provides information regarding nature of gene action. The knowledge of genetic structure and mode of inheritance of different characters helps breeders to employ suitable breeding methodology for their improvement [1](Kiani et al., 2007). The concept of combining ability was introduced by Sprague and Tatum (1947)[2].
In present study efforts were made to gain information on the mode of inheritance of desirable traits and to identify suitable parents for developing tomato hybrids or selection of suitable genotypes in segregating genotypes.


Considering higher per se performance, significant sca effects and non additive gene action for yield per plant, the crosses viz., LE-64 x Arka Vikas, LE-53 x Arka Alok and LE-62 x Arka Alok, which can be further exploited

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