Human Resources Management: Challenges and Solutions

Author Name(s): Rostam Pourrashidi*, Mehdi Mehranpour, Maryam Fahimi Nick
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Humans, as the main elements of organizational development, play a great role in the framework of their group and organizational activities. Today, the organizations’ growth and development depends on correct application of human resources and human factor is considered as a powerful tool in organizational changes and developments and they are the main failure or success factors on organizations. Organizations have faced challenges along with the acceleration of environmental changes and one of these challenges is the human resources management challenges. The main objective in this research is to study human resources management challenges and proposing solutions in order to improve it. The research method in this research is descriptive-analytic and the data collection instrument were researcher-made notes and tables. Research results suggested that human resources management challenges include factors such as emergence of globalization, changes in professions, growth in the number of part-time personnel in organizations, company miniaturization, various needs among the personnel, and personnel’s age and race differences. Also, managers are recommended to create contexts for the personnel’s empowerment, meritocracy, preparing organizational justice, engaging the personnel in decision-makings, and improving management ethics, in order to solve these challenges.


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For decades, personnel management unit was responsible for personnel selection, training and duty compensation; these duties were carried out regardless of how they were related to each other. However, today a field, entitled human resources management, is introduced; human resources management, in its current sense, is considered as a generalization of traditional requirements for effective management of personnel, instead of rejecting and removing them. In this field, a proper understanding of human behaviors and the skill for using this understanding are required, also, having the knowledge and understating of personnel’s various duties and awareness of environmental conditions are necessary [1].


The management arena in today’s world has undergone rapid and complex changes and human resources management has faced new challenges, accordingly, and solutions should be considered in order to solve these challenges. Dynamic organizations have learned that show reactions to the changes, trends and challenges which emerge in various aspects and fields. Otherwise, these changes will ruin them. Among the challenges which human resources management is facing today and have their roots in environmental changes, could be referred to: globalization of business and organizations, age and racial differences among the personnel in the organization, increase in the number of part-time work forces, presence of personnel with various levels of needs in the organization, miniaturization of the organizations, and transformation of wide structures to the flattened structures and changes in professions. In or to tackle these challenges in human resources management, leverages such as: meritocracy, observing organizational justice, improvement in management ethics, personnel management and involving personnel in decision-makings could be used.

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