Evaluating Relationship between Managers Narcissism and Administrative Offence in Administrative Agencies of Kerman City

Author Name(s): Mohammad Mansour Bahmani, Masoud Pourkiani*; Farzaneh Beykzadeh Abbasi
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This study was conducted in order to evaluate the relation between manager, s narcissism and administrative offence in administrative agencies of Kerman city. The research method was descriptive – correlational. The Statistical population included total employee (67240 individuals), managers and their assistants (134 individuals) in administrative agencies existed in Kerman. According to Morgan table, statistical sample included 382 employee and 97 managers. The Sampling method was Stratified random sampling.  In order to collect data, administrative offence questionnaire with 0.88 validity and 0.87 reliability and narcissistic questionnaire with 0.81 validity and 0.81 reliability were used. Data were analyzed with SPSS20. Descriptive and inferential statistics such as Average, Standards deviation, Pearson-Spearman correlation coefficient and multivariate regression were used.  Results indicated that there is a direct and significant relationship between narcissism of managers and administrative offence in administrative agencies in Kerman. There is a direct and significant relationship between adaptive and maladaptive   narcissism of managers and administrative offences level in these agencies. The best predictor factor for employee administrative offences is maladaptive narcissism of managers.


Deterioration (corruption) is one of the social behavior manifestations which gives advantages to its perpetrators in a way that is out of rule and opposite of  illegal and ethical norms and in contrast makes improving the power of other people life conditions weak (Rabiei, 2004.29). It means that employee have chances  for earning incomes obtained from administrative offence as one of their exclusive situation functions for a service or practice, their power for making decision about determining who must earn money and how much money he must get and degree which reply to their actions (Sharif  Besyuni and Veter, 2001. 104).



Abuse is a disease that is corrupt the procedures and persons progress criteria in bureaucracy government. The World Bank, is considered the violation as the biggest obstacle to economic and social development. Abuse by violating the equality of individuals against the law and weakened the institutional foundation that economic growth depends on it, prevents the development. Abuse is a serious problem that affects all sectors of society. Narcissistic peoplebecause of the imbalance in the personality trait with various behavioral outcomescreates problems for individual, and others and the communityand leads to the tension and conflict thatcontinuing the relation to be faced with the problem. If there are narcissistic people in an organization, due to the prevailing relations of domination and others persecution and also because in such organizational, decisions is based on emotion and not based on problem solving,  as a result of continuing working in this organization will faced with difficulties and certainly not stay in place (legal charismatic, 25: 2002).

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