Studying Knowledge and Attitude of Patient Care Aides towards Hand Hygiene Before and After Face-To-Face and Distance Educations in Namazi Hospital of Shiraz In 2016

Abstract The present study aims to investigate the effect of face-to-face and distance educations of hand hygiene on knowledge and attitude of patient care assistants of Namazi hospitals of Shiraz in 2016. This is a cross sectional-interventional study. 68 patient care assistants who are working in Namazi hospital of Shiraz have been studied. Demographic specifications, […]

The Impact of Education on Increasing the Self-Care of Type 2 Diabetic Patients Referred to the Health Centers in Shaft City In 2016

Abstract Diabetes, a most common disease caused by the metabolic disturbances is one of major public health problem in the world. One of the factors to improve the disease control is the participation of the patient in the treatment process. This study aimed to investigate the impact of education on increasing the self-care of diabetic […]