Cracks Pattern Formation and Thermomechanical Fatigue in Die Steels

Abstract Investigations are given of the influence of thermal, thermochemical treatment of die steels on the development of thermomechanical fatigue cracks depending on the temperature-force effects characteristic of hot deformation dies. As the evaluation criteria for the thermomechanical fatigue resistance of surface hardened die steels, the moment of nucleation, their quantity, and the depth of […]

Chip-Based Radio-Frequency Tag

Abstract The article is devoted to the problem associated with the operation of radio frequency tags within the UHF range in close contact with various media. The principle of RFID system operation is explained, design features and UHF RFID tag reading for metal objects are considered. They considered one of the possible options to improve […]

Qualitative Assessment of Soils Based on Hydrophysical Parameters

Abstract A qualitative assessment of the main types of zonal soils is necessary to assess the potential fertility of agricultural land. Soil bonitet analysis is used for cost-effective agriculture, determining the resource potential of agricultural land. Despite the many works devoted to soil evaluation, the definition of objective criteria and soil rating scales have not […]

Removal of Hardening Salts by Nanofiltration Composite Membranes

Abstract For removal of hardness salts, composite nanofiltration membranes with a “nylon-PS” polystyrene (PS) surface layer, a cellulose acetate (AC) surface layer on a nylon “nylon-AC” substrate, and a cellulose acetate surface layer on a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) substrate were obtained “PTFE-AC”. To increase the retention capacity, several layers of polymer particles were applied to the […]

18S rRNA Identification of Hydrobionts of Nizhniy Kaban Lake & Diversity Study through Next Generation Sequencing Method

Abstract The paper presents the results of a study of the species diversity of freshwater Nizhniy Kaban Lake (Kazan, Russia) by the gene 18S rRNA based on the next-generation sequencing method. Nizhniy Kaban, Verhniy Kaban, and Sredniy Kaban Lakes are included in the system of urban Kaban Lakes, which are polluted lakes according to ecological […]

Analysis of the Working Characteristics of the Natural Draft Cooling Tower on the Laboratory Model

Abstract The summer season becomes difficult for chimney-type cooling tower. Due to the hot atmospheric air entering the apparatus, insufficient heat removal occurs, which means undercooling of water. Ultimately, this leads to a decrease in the power of the steam turbine of a thermal power plant. In the summer, an experimental study of the irregularity […]

Effect of the Nitrogen Ions Implantation Mode on the Structure-Phase Transformations in Graphite Cast Irons

Abstract Using nuclear gamma resonance (Mössbauer) spectroscopy in the backscattering geometry, the surface layers of graphite cast irons irradiated with nitrogen ion fluxes were studied. New phases were discovered and identified that are formed in the surface layers of the studied alloys during the implantation of nitrogen ions. A relationship has been established between the […]